NYPL general catalog data won't transfer to Zotero

I'm using Firefox 58 and a Macbook
  • I'm assuming you're using their "classic" catalog. Use the new one (i.e. click on search at the top of the page). I'm not sure we'll work on fixing the old one (which if I remember correctly wouldn't be easy)
  • Great tip, thanks a bunch. I was using the classic one, because-- according to the librarians-- it works better than the new one. But no problem for me to move back and forth between both in order to use Z. thanks again
  • hmm that's unfortunate. If they're pointing people to the classic catalog rather than their new one, we may need to re-visit trying to fix it.
  • My sense is that their goal is to work with the new catalog, so may be alright after they fully transition.
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