Creating an Annotated Bibliography

Hello. Is it still not possible to easily create an annotated bibliography with Zotero? I read some threads from several years ago where people were have trouble with this. A few people find some ways around the problem. I'm not sure that those options from around 2010 still work.

As a librarian, the main think I do is create annotated bibliographies. I could import an RIS from Zotero into Endnote but I already know that bibliographic data is lost when I do that. Dates and other important info don't find their way into Endnote to export an annotated bibliography. I like everything else about Zotero more than Endnote. Boy, it would be good to create an annotated bib. from Zotero. Maybe I'm missing something. Thanks for any help.
  • I guess I'm wondering what "Creating an Annotated Bibliography from Zotero" would involve exactly. I obviously know what an annotated bibliography is, but it's much less clear to me what the expectation is that Zotero do.

    It _is_ possible to generate bibliographies that include the abstract field and/or the Extra field.
  • Thanks Adam for the quick reply. I think Endnote would use the term export for what I want to do. I mean when you highlight an item(s) and right click and near the bottom of the menu you get an option to "create a bibliography."

    When I select "create a bibliography from item(s)", I see major citation styles but no option to create (export) the items in a citation style with abstracts. Can I do this by managing the citation styles.

    Thanks again for your quick response. Best, Scott
  • This is controlled by the citation style you use. What exactly do you want the export to look like? Please be specific.
  • We have APA style with abstracts and Chicago Manual with Extra available:
  • Excellent, APA with abstracts is perfect. Thanks.
  • Is the documentation for installing additional styles for the old version of Zotero and not Zotero 5.0 ? I'm trying to be independent but can't follow the screenshots in the documentation. I know that some of the documentation has not yet been changed to by sync with Zotero 5.0.
  • As long as you have the Zotero connector for your current browser installed, all you need to to is click the style.
  • Thanks I will try that with Chrome which has the Connector.
  • Thanks to both of you, I have done it. I have installed APA with abstracts.
  • For anyone who comes along after this, I've written this up on my guide:
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