New ”# of Pages” field - csl variable in Zotero 2


Zotero 2.0b3 added ”# of Pages” field.
What is the CSL variable for this?
I tried "number-of-pages" but it doesn't seem to work.

When using "page" it doesn't work anymore for books, since the field has been changed (wich is a good thing btw, more accurate).

  • The CSL schema is at:

    I don't think there is presently any way to cite total pages. (I think I had suggested a 'page-total' variable for this, but it was in a discussion of locators, where it doesn't make much sense to have total pages & it was never implemented.)

    What citation style asks you to cite the total pages of a reference?
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    Well, the one I am creating for my university's history department :-D
    They require it, it as to appear on our bibliographies.
    For them to adopt Zotero, I have to create a style that conforms to their standards.
    Anyway, every field should be selectionnable in the CSL...

    If it is not implemented yet, it really should be.

    If my department asks for it, others probably do too.

    I opened a tracker about this on the sourceforge link you showed me.
    Is there a better way to be heard for this?

    Sorry for the double post btw, I just thought I posted in the wrong place.
    Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society
    also wants total page numbers for books.
  • Well, any thing has changed? Because it still doesn't work.

    adamsmith> thanks for bringing another example!
  • the forthcoming csl 1.0 will have # of pages support.
    Expect it to be implemented in Zotero within the next 6 months.
  • Well, that's good news, except I should have finish doing my master thesis by then :-D (but that's me :p)
  • Hi,

    I just upgraded to Zotero 2.0 from Zotero 1.10 because I really needed the new Python Word Plugin, and it does solve a couple of issues. But this new "#of Pages" field stops me from displaying the books' total pages number and it's a big issue as I'm supposed to include it in my references (citations & bibliographies). Like Manusnake, I have a PhD dissertation to handle soon (next Friday) and it's kind of problematic.
  • The way this worked in 1.0 was a bug - it mapped the variable to the same place as the "page" variable in book section and article journal (which would lead to garbage output). The fact that it isn't currently possible is certainly unfortunate, but it's not like it can't be added by hand.
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    "The fact that it isn't currently possible is certainly unfortunate, but it's not like it can't be added by hand."

    True enough, but I share the pain of npinet that has to do this for a PhD dissertation (very long bibliographies take a lot of time to edit properly, as you probably know). Well, it's not actually Zotero team's fault and, as you said 3 days ago, it will be included in the future.
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