Lost most data between Firefox add-on and standalone

I was using the standalone version a while ago, then switched to the Firefox add-on. Initially, that transition seemed to work well, but then I started having sync errors and then received errors that my files cannot be located. I can view the parent items, but not most the PDF's attached to them.
With the new 5.0 version, I hoped this could be corrected, but to no avail. I would appreciate if someone could help me solve this problem.
  • Are you using Zotero on multiple computers? In that case we'd want to have details on the sync errors which are the likely cause of this.
  • Hi, thanks for quick response. I am using it in only one computer. But I am using Zotero storage to sync and upload my files. As of now, it doesn't give any sync errors, but it doesn't let me access to my pdf files either.
    On my web account, I can see that PDF files are registered under parent items, but I am unable to view or download those files when I click on "attachment details".
  • This sounds like you moved your data folder some time in the past when not all files were synced online. See if you can find an old Zotero data directory on your computer. See here for general description of what you're looking for: https://www.zotero.org/support/zotero_data
    the folder would likely be in a hidden path, you'd typically have to specify in searches to include public folders.
  • Thank you again adamsmith. Unfortunately, I am unable to locate that old folder. When you said they would be in hidden path and I need to specify in searches, could you be more specific? I tried to locate the folder by searching a PDF file I know I used to have. It appears in parent items on Zotero. I search for that PDF file by name on Mac, but am unable to locate it in my hard drive.
    Thank you.
  • You can google instructions to search for hidden (and system) files on a Mac -- details differ by exact OS version, so probably easier for you to google it.
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