Joining 2 libraries with different saving locations?

Hi everyone,

I always used two Zotero libraries/versions:
1) work: Zotero in Firefox, saving data on my university's server
2) private: Zotero Standalone connected with Safari, saving data on my own computer

Option 1) does not work anymore due to the latest update of firefox. But I need to work with the data base we created there...
My questions are:

a) Can I download a "second" Standalone that I connect with firefox (or even another browser...), telling it to save the data on my university's server (without this inflicting damage to my private Standalone version/library)?

b) Can I have/join the two libraries in my Zotero Standalone, each saving the data in another place/location? (I guess not?)

c) If I try to join my two libraries (if I try to import the data I used to have in the firefox version into my Standalone), I guess I completey blow up my library?

Do you have any suggestions how to deal with this?

Thank you very much!
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    The best way to do this is to set up two different Profile folders for Zotero, then create a separate shortcut icon to launch the app for each program.

    See here for details:

    Another option that might be easier to set up would be to use a Group library for either your work or personal data, then work with both in the same Zotero profile.
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