I can not access Zotero. Don't know why. An "Alert" is preventing me. Help.

I've been using Zotero for close to a year and today find that I can not access it. I'm receiving an "Alert. There was an error starting Zotero" that I can't get past. Behind this error is a software update, "Update Ready to Install"... referring to Zotero 5.0.25. But I must first hit the "O.k." key on the "Alert" to get to the update and when I do that I get kicked out of Zotero.

If anyone can help me with this, I could appreciate it.
  • Try to download the current version (Zotero 5.0.29) from http://zotero.org/download and install it.
  • When I go to Zotero, can I specifically find 5.0.29? I don't see where that's an option for me to choose version. Perhaps I'm just missing it.
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    That's just the current version. bwiernik is just saying to reinstall Zotero from that page.
  • So I'm getting the same problem. I did the download. Launched it.
    I got a pop-up screen that showed Zotero icon and asked that I move it into Application folder, which I did. Then when I activated Zotero, the same "Alert" screen came up on top of the "Update Ready to Install" window. When I click "Ok" on the "Alert" popup, Zotero goes away.
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    First, see if you can report the error:


    If that doesn't open a window that lets you copy/submit the error, try -jsconsole instead of -ZoteroDebug, and use Cmd-` (tilde, above Tab) if necessary to bring the Error Console window to the front so you can copy from it.

    And then to actually fix this, are you able to press Cmd-` to switch to the update window and then start the update? (If not, there's a fallback plan.)
  • O.k.... very helpful... let me work on this... and let my panic subside because I'm writing a book and ALL my references are in Zotero!!! Thank you very much for this reply.
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