Zotero Connector conflicts with LastPass Add-on

Zotero Connector doesn't recognize the metadata of websites like amazon.com or nytimes.com, if the add-on 'LastPass' is enabled. Both add-ons are the most recent version.
I confirmed on two Firefox versions (56 and 57)
My operating system is Linux (Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 64-bit).
  • I don't have a LastPass account, but it works for me with LastPass enabled but logged out.

    Can you provide a Debug IDs from the connector for loading an Amazon page with LastPass enabled and with it disabled?
  • Not working for me:
    With LastPass enabled & logged in: D621507892
    With LastPass enabled & logged out: D1857594596

    Working for me:
    With LastPass disabled: D2140390444
  • Sorry it took a while to respond. If this is still happening, could you produce the Debug IDs again with LastPass enabled and disabled? The Debug IDs above are from Zotero client. Follow the instructions for the Firefox Connector instead.
  • edited November 24, 2017
    Just tested again: It's working fine now. The books are captured even with the LastPass Add-on enabled.
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