Create Metadata Option - not available in Zotero 5?

Hello all,
If this question has been answered, please do direct me to it. I am trying to create new items in Zotero 5. I can add the item and specify if it is a book or journal article, but I cannot create the metadata (such as giving it a title, publisher, etc) within it. I had to go to the zotero website instead, which isn't ideal. Has anyone else had this problem with the new Zotero? How might I fix it so that I can make the edits within the desktop app and not the website? Sidebar: the retrieve metadata option did not produce the information needed. Thank you!!
  • I think you're talking about adding a PDF -- in that case, when retrieve metadata fails, you want to use right-click --> Create Parent Item and you can add metadata there.
    (That'd be unrelated to Zotero 5, btw. Same in Zotero 4).
  • Hi thanks for the comment. Yes, I tried that and It's not working for me. I don't have an option to Create the metadata for the parent item as did in Zotero 4. I've only had the problem with the upgrade.
  • What options do you have on right-click?
  • View PDF
    Show File
    Show in Library
    Add Note
    Add attachment
    Duplicate Item
    Remove Item from collection
    Move Item to Trash
    Export Item
    Create Bibliography (which I tried)
    Generate Report from Item
  • OK, you should be able to edit in the right-hand pane. When you say you can't edit-- what exactly happens? You can't highlight the fields? There aren't any fields?
    And is this in a group or My Library?
  • Ok, thanks! I have it now. I am editing in the right hand pane, with editing just meaning creating the metadata for the PDF files.
  • And just to clarify, this is entirely the same as in Zotero 4.
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