Zotero RDF importing issue on the "Extra" field and standalone notes

I use Zotero on several computers (all Windows 10).
I always export my Zotero library created on a computer and import it on another computer offline.
However, the importing functionality has the following problems:

1. It (re)moves the text in the "Extra" field ("Info" tab).
The "Extra" field text is removed when a Document has any text in the "Abstract" field, while it is moved into the "Abstract" field when the Document has no text in the "Abstract" field.

2. It does not find and set the collections to which the Standalone Notes belonged.
The Standalone Notes are imported as "Unfiled Items."

You can reproduce the issues described above even with a single computer.

Are there any solutions?
  • I’m not sure the issue with Zotero RDF, but this system of import/export isn’t a good way to move data between computers. Among other things, it will change the Date Added/Modified fields and break any connections with Word processor documents.

    I recommend you either switch to using Zotero sync if possible, or else move your Zotero data directory to a removable drive and run it from there:
  • Thank you. I will just copy the whole data directory from now on.
  • To be clear, you can set up each Zotero program to load the data directory directly from the portable drive, that way you don't have to move anything back and forth.
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