[5.0 Beta] Sync Problem.

The report ID is 1379941461, error is stated as operation timed out. The issue occurred while syncing.
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    For now we generally need Debug IDs for sync issues (at least when you can reproduce them).
  • Though, actually, I might know what's causing this — will have an update later.
  • Alright, sure. Just in case, here's the Debug ID in the event you need it. D1497709770.
  • OK, try 215. There are some additional potential causes of that error that I want to fix, but that might do it for you.
  • Hi, I've updated but it appears to be unresolved. This is the Debug ID, error is stated as unimplemented. D223227263.
  • Ah, sorry about that — you're exercising some parts of the code that nobody has managed to reach during the beta period. I'll have a fix later today.
  • Actually, I think that should go away on the next sync (though it still needs to be fixed) — 5.0 is pretty good about continuing to sync other data.
  • I've tried to sync it again, but it appears that the other data isn't syncing to the group library. It appears that only the folders of newly added data has been synced, however, there are no files within them.
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    Hi there, sorry to open up this thread again, but I am still unable to sync my files in the group library.
  • OK, try the latest build, and provide another Debug ID if it's still not working.
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    I've updated it, and I got this Debug ID while syncing. D228046207.
  • That one's actually a server-side issue. We're still investigating, but I've made some changes that might improve things. (Syncs might take a bit longer to go through, but hopefully they won't error out in the same way.) Can you give it a try?
  • Hi, the sync doesn't work. This is the Debug ID. D1282639277. The error is stated as late cancellation observer
  • The sync actually appears to be mostly working fine — lots of data was transferred successfully — but it looks like you opened Duplicate Items while it was syncing? Obviously that shouldn't be a problem, but switching in and out of Duplicate Items is still a little buggy in 5.0, and given the size of your library, I'd recommend just letting the sync finish before doing much else. Once it's done, subsequent syncs should be pretty much instantaneous.
  • Loading the duplicates view should be a bit more stable in build 217.

    Thanks for all the bug reports, and let us know if you run into other problems. Your library size is at the extreme edge of any we've seen (and well beyond what 4.0 sync could've handled), so it's definitely useful for identifying areas that still need to be improved.
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