Filter by "does not have [tag]" as well as by "has [tag]"

Often I want to filter by the criterion "item does not have [tag]" (while simultaneously filtering by "item has [tag]" for one or more tags as usual).

Suggestion for how to select tags for "not"-filtering:
(1a) Add "Show only items missing this tag" to the right-click context menu for tags in the tag selector; or
(1b) Make double clicking have this behaviour; or
(1c) Both of the above.

Suggestion for how to show which tags are currently "not"-filtered:
(2a) In the tag selector, show "not"-filtered tags with a pink background (in contrast to the current light-blue background of "yes"-filtered tags); or
(2b) Show "non"-filtered tags with a strikethrough font; or
(2c) Both of the above.

Here's a quick mspaint mock-up of my suggestion for how to display "not"-filtered tags in the tag selector:
  • I would like to re-suggest this feature. Most of my searches (and saved searches) are of this form:

    Tag, contains, [bla]
    Tag, contains, [bla]
    Tag, does not contain, [bla]

    These arise in using Zotero to help write structured literature review sections or articles. "Show me all numerical integration articles that aren't Gaussian quadrature, so that I can write my Other methods section."

    Forgetting my original user interface suggestion above, a few viable interfaces for a boolean NOT feature in the tag selector immediately occur to me now:

    * Have an optional second tag selector, called the "does not have" tag selector"; or
    * Add an entry to the context menu for tags: "Right click -> NOT This Tag"; or
    * Double-click a tag for NOT (this one seems less intuitive, however).

    I would also like to suggest a related visual cue that would remove the need for this feature in many cases: whenever a tag is hovered over with the mouse, highlight (bold, italic, pink, other) all items with that tag. (Visually, this is just as good as highlighting the NOT of that tag.)
  • There's a ticket for this.
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