Filter by "does not have [tag]" as well as by "has [tag]"

Often I want to filter by the criterion "item does not have [tag]" (while simultaneously filtering by "item has [tag]" for one or more tags as usual).

Suggestion for how to select tags for "not"-filtering:
(1a) Add "Show only items missing this tag" to the right-click context menu for tags in the tag selector; or
(1b) Make double clicking have this behaviour; or
(1c) Both of the above.

Suggestion for how to show which tags are currently "not"-filtered:
(2a) In the tag selector, show "not"-filtered tags with a pink background (in contrast to the current light-blue background of "yes"-filtered tags); or
(2b) Show "non"-filtered tags with a strikethrough font; or
(2c) Both of the above.

Here's a quick mspaint mock-up of my suggestion for how to display "not"-filtered tags in the tag selector:
  • I would like to re-suggest this feature. Most of my searches (and saved searches) are of this form:

    Tag, contains, [bla]
    Tag, contains, [bla]
    Tag, does not contain, [bla]

    These arise in using Zotero to help write structured literature review sections or articles. "Show me all numerical integration articles that aren't Gaussian quadrature, so that I can write my Other methods section."

    Forgetting my original user interface suggestion above, a few viable interfaces for a boolean NOT feature in the tag selector immediately occur to me now:

    * Have an optional second tag selector, called the "does not have" tag selector"; or
    * Add an entry to the context menu for tags: "Right click -> NOT This Tag"; or
    * Double-click a tag for NOT (this one seems less intuitive, however).

    I would also like to suggest a related visual cue that would remove the need for this feature in many cases: whenever a tag is hovered over with the mouse, highlight (bold, italic, pink, other) all items with that tag. (Visually, this is just as good as highlighting the NOT of that tag.)
  • There's a ticket for this.
  • Hello, I often want the functionality as well - ability to see items in a collection that do not have a particular tag. Is there any hope of seeing this enhancement? The last time the ticket was modified was 11 years ago.

    Being able to create search folders is convenient for frequently searched items, but it is a pain in the butt when you are in a collection and just want the ability to filter out items that are not of interest.
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