Shortcut for typing a pagenumber above 999?

edited April 21, 2017
I am using Zotero standalone for Word.
I have several books with more than 999 pages, but untill now I have not found a way to easily write such a pagenumber (with more than 3 decimals) into my foodnote.
I know that I can do it my cliking with the mouse, on the author, after he/she is written into the note but do any of you know, if there is a way to do it on the keybord? It would be much faster :-)

  • Do you mean in the Word/LibreOffice plugins? If so, in the Zotero Quick Citation window (with the red border), position the cursor after the citation blue bubble you want to add a page number to and type Ctrl/Cmd + Down Arrow. You can then add page numbers/other locators (chapter, etc.), as well as prefixes and suffixes and suppress the author display.
  • Thanks a lot, solved my problem :-)
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