Can't insert citation on word document

With the 5.0-beta.171+d357382 actualization can't insert citation on word document on Mac. Neither modificate older ones. Seems that the word conector on standalone not works correctly. Help!!
  • You'd need to specify "can't" -- what exactly happens? No toolbar? No reaction from toolbar? You get an error message?
  • We'd also want a Report ID.
  • Since upgrading to 171 I have the same problem. When trying to insert a citation by selecting it in the editor, the "OK" button does not activate. No error notification, it just stopped working. Report ID: 733809159. Thanks!
  • Looks like this happened in the classic dialog. Should be fixed in 172, available in a few minutes.
  • edited March 27, 2017
    Perfect, thank you. It works now. (Yes, I've been using the classic dialog.)
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