Different Number of Blanks depending on Charakter..

Hi there,
first, thanks for all the effort spent for this wonderful piece of software and the support here in this forum.

I have a strange problem with the style for my PH Thesis. I use the style "Juristische Zitierweise (Stüber) (German)" and tried to adapt it to my needs. Everything works as it should, with one strange malfunction.

I use the type "entry-encyclopedia" for works with some editors and many different authors for single parts of the work (typical in German Law). I want it to be like:

"$Author_of_little_part in: $selfdefined_short_title_of_the_work, $exact_place_to_find(e.g. § 23a Rn. 4)

To achieve this, i have an entry for this type of work which looks like this:

The first and the last part of my entry are entered via the prefix and sufix field.

No the strange behavior: if the sufix begins with a numer, there is only one blank (as it should be). if the sufix begins with a charakter, zotero enters two blankets. is there any possible reason for this behavior?

Thanks in advance!
  • the code looks like this:

    else-if type="entry-encyclopedia">
    text value="in: "/>
    text variable="title" suffix=", " form="short"/>

    Of course with the "<" in front of each line
  • could we see the whole style? Paste to gist.github.com (no registration needed) --> Create Private gist, and put the link here.
  • Thank you for your response, here is the code:


    The original code works a lot with macros, I just tinkered around with nearly no html/css knowledge by try and error.
  • I nearly forgot anoter strange behavior, for which I also don't know the reason: if the last charakter of an entry is a fullstpop, like e.g. "ABZ, S. 23 ff." than the next entry isnt separeted by a semicolon, only the fullstop after "ff".

  • That second bit is on purpose and across all footnoted citation styles, so that you can write full footnotes using prefix/suffix.
  • Thanks for the explanation, so there is no easy way to get a separation like with fullstop AND semicolon?
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