Search by identifier using DOI seems to have stopped working - any clues

All of a sudden I am unable to locate full citations with all the metadata using DOI. I've tested this using DOIs that Zotero was previously able to find and it not longer appears to work. PMID search on the other hand still works - but this usually requires extra steps and of course is not always available. Is anyone else having the same issue? Any ideas why. My version check says I have the latest.
  • Try resetting your translators from the Advanced → Files and Folders pane of the Zotero preferences. If that doesn't help, provide a Debug ID for an attempt that fails.
  • Resetting translators did not help, Provided Debug ID on 2/24 - did that offer any clues?
  • you need to actually post the debug ID here after submitted the debug output so it can be matched to your issue.
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    This may be unrelated. Sometimes, [outside of Zotero] when I've used the CrossRef API during the past 10 days, a doi resulted in a non-response hang. No error, nothing. We have used the CrossRef API and the DOI to retrieve volume, issue, and pagination metadata for ePub articles and author full names from publishers that send only initials with "download citation" requests but send full names to CrossRef. We had to include a time-out so that our script would move to the next record.
  • Search for metadata using DOI is still not working for us. (PMID works fine)
    Have posted output to server.
    Debug ID is D342733140.

    Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.
  • uses an invalid security certificate. uses an invalid security certificate.
    Start here:

    Most likely either a security software or a custom root certificate installed by your institution to intercept and monitor encrypted traffic — both explained on the page.
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