File Synching with Jungle Disk

I would like to sync files across multiple computers, but I can not find significant documentation on the topic. I am currently using the syncing feature within Zotero and it is working flawlessly. However, I would like to take the next step and sync my files across the three computers I use regularly. I signed up with Jungle Disk and can not find any information regarding the use of 'Webdav' much less configuring file syncing across multiple machines.

Can anyone share the configuration process? If so, there is a cold beer waiting for you in Missoula, MT!
Many thanks,
  • Cameron,

    I sync Zotero using JungleDisk and found it absolutely bewildering, as I didn't really want to do anything with it (i.e. backup) except sync the Zotero library and the user interface still makes no sense to me. Its also complicated in that you have to deal with both Amazon and Jungle Disk at the same time. I made tons of steps and mis-steps, so if anyone can explain better, I hope they will.

    I think that you need to have the JungleDisk desktop client on at least one of your three computers. You download it and pay for it from JD. Then there's some sort of verification process in which Amazon S3 sends you an email with lots of long numbers that you need to provide to JungleDisk (through the desktop client, I think) to prove that you really did buy the desktop client from JD. Once you've got it, from the JungleDisk activity monitor that sits in the system tray, you can configure it to do what you want (i.e. be the WebDav thing for your Zotero library). Open it up. Look under "Help" and click Configure. My understanding is that you need to set up an online disk where you Zotero folder will live. I can't remember if JD sets up one by default automatically or if you have to set it up. I remember having to click something like "Connect online disk". I also have mine configured to act as a network drive, so I can easily see that things are getting synced.

    The URL that I use for the webdav box in the sync preferences is[name of my online disk]. Since your first online disk likely is named with your username, try Its a secure WebDAV. (I did something--no idea what-- to my first online disk and now its unusable. I made a second one, which is why my URL has the name of my online disk, as opposed to my username.) Enter your JD user name and password. (I tend to forget that the JD username is your email address.) Click Verify Server. If all goes right, you'll get a box that says that file sharing has been set up, meaning that a folder called Zotero has been set up in your online JD disk. Make sure you have the box "Enable file syncing" checked in Zotero preferences. Then the green arrow should spin around and you should see the status bar and be able to hover over it with the arrow and see progress.

    If all goes well and the thing sets up right, enter the URL and username and password on your other computers that don't have the JD client installed. Verify server, rinse, and repeat. Like I said, I have the JD set up to be a network drive on my primary computer, so if I want to look and see that things are getting synced, all I have to do is open up the J: drive on my computer and check.

    Hope that helps some. I'm happy to clarify if something doesn't make sense. It seems to me that it was a way more complicated process than it really had to be and that some documentation should exist. (Maybe it does, somewhere.)

    When can I cash in on the beer? :)


  • I followed your steps precisely (closely) and for some reason zotero won"t accept my user details... if I put in only in the url and my username and password, I get a -15 response (window saying -15 ) so I am about to give up on the whole Webdav syncing... would be nice to see a tutorial on this or something...
  • I use DropBox. To sync my SuperMemo and Zotero collection, it works faultlessly but specially really fast, I have a dedicated folder for my ZoteroLybrary, and mirror sync to my DropBox so that sync are not so frequent but is just a plus you could a well just have the zotero library inside your dropbox folder and only change the configuration an your FF3, That way you have not only the references but the files attached available as well.
  • that sounds very good, could you tell me how you configured zour zotero to use dropbox? it"s a free service so that sounds reallz good... but what for example is their Webdav url?

    thanks in advance for your help :)
  • and just realized what you meant :) cool, that should work... I'd actually like a zotero feature that redownloads all citation pdf's from their respective site again... would take a while but should work just as good... anywho, thx!
  • Yest that would be a good feature, but you would loose and highligthing done to your files, whatever the format (html, pdf).
  • since when can u highlight a pdf? except with adobe acrobat pro n all?
  • I use Foxit Reader, Acrobat is just to big, not portable app.
  • Sorry if what I wrote didn't work-- was really hoping it would! :( I don't understand Jungle Disk all that well and may have given poor instructions. (Perhaps someone with more experience with it can help?) I used to use Dropbox for syncing and recommend it highly. I just made the Dropbox my custom directory on both computers and all was synced. I only made the switch to JD, as I need to access my Zotero library on computers that I can't install dropbox on.

    Also, I second gersapa. Foxit reader is great.

  • I totally agree, foxit is great! thx for that tip. really hope the syncing issue will be solved as it is the tiny little cornerstone that would make the palace that is zotero, perfect!... cant believe how efficient it is anyways :)
  • llmunro

    I use DropBox for its simplicity, the same goes to Foxit, regarding JungleDisk, is also an awesome product, and if I had at the time the necessity to have my home and work computer completely synchronize, as well as all my other docs, it would be the answer, but as fast, working solution I'll stick now with DropBox, thank for the enlightenment.


  • Just to say - if you are trying to set up your JungleDisk webDav thingie - try it from the web access. You can create the new directory for zotero from there - and when you look in the web address bar - it also gives you : where xxxxxx = the name of your online drive . The whole thing the tranlates into : for your file sync.

    Just tried it - and it syncs
  • cheers, that worked for me too! I almost went crazy trying to do it with dropbox n syncing between 3 computers... havin firefox open on all three causes a mess... so lets see how this works out.
    thanks again.
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    Help :(
    Ok I got "File storage is successfull set up" with "

    BUT I can't get it sync. Is there a special tool button I need to use? I have pushed only the green circle arrow of "Sync with zotero server".

    I have beta 2.0b3 - does that matter?
  • braveslice: Upgrade to 2.0b4, and make sure the "Enable file syncing" checkbox is enabled in the Sync pane of the Zotero prefs.
  • Thank you! Now working.
  • I'm having the same problem as "braveslice" above.

    Got the "File storage is successful" and can see the zotero directory on my jungle disk network drive. Enable file syncing is checked. Clicking on "green arrow" only starts sync with zotero server. Files not synced with https://www.myjungledisk/nameofdisk/zotero.

    I have beta 2.0b6.2.

    This is beginning to cause me to loose sleep!
  • graymondrn: You're saying you see no files at all in your JungleDisk folder after syncing? If not, generate debug output for the sync attempt and e-mail it to, with a link to this thread, and we'll take a look. Also, send in an error report via Report Errors under the gear menu (after the sync and before restarting Firefox) and include the Report ID in your e-mail.
  • There are actually two files created in my jungleDisk folder: "zotero" and "~VersionArchive." Within the "~VersionArchive" folder is another "zotero" folder containing one file which appears to be a test file. I tried deleting both and running zotero sync again, but achieved the same outcomes as before.

    Email has been sent and includes link to this thread, debug output, and reference to error report #.

    Thanks for your timely response to my original post.
  • graymondrn: Select "Reset Storage History" under the gear menu and try again. Your debug output indicates that Zotero has no files to upload, perhaps because you previously synced with another server. (We'll tweak this to be smarter in a later release.)
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    I did as you asked and it appears to have allowed the file sync to work with jungle disk...there are now several zip files where previously there were none. Accessing the synced files from remote PCs is not happening, however. They seem to be completing the file sync (showing the green status bar), but the PDF is unavailable. Zotero asks me to locate the file. Again, am I missing a crucial step?
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    graymondrn: Did you try Reset Storage History (now located in the Sync->Reset pane of the Zotero preferences) from the other machines?

    2.0b6.5, which should be out within a few days, fixes a number of file sync–related issues, though without debug output from the other machines it's hard to know for sure if it would address yours. But try the Reset Storage History step and let us know if that doesn't do the trick.
  • I have updated all machines to version 2.0b6.5 and have reset storage history on all machines, but still unable to view file attachments on any machine other than the one where files were originally stored. Again, I am using Jungle Disk as my for file attachment storage. When I ask to view or show file on a machine other than the original I receive a "File Not Found" error. When I ask to show file on the original machine I can see a path back to my original local file library and not the Jungle Disk. Is this a problem? I am happy to send another debug output, but please give direction on which machine and what actions you think will help in finding the issue.
  • FYI, there will soon be a powerful new storage option designed specifically for Zotero users and groups.
  • Despite all the advice to the contrary. Preferences tells me that name of my JDfolder/zotero/ is not a valid WebDAV URL.
    What do I do now. when everyone else trells me this is the correct address
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    My understanding (and there are a few threads about this) was that when Jungle Disk updated its service some months ago, WebDAV was no longer available through JD. What this means is that[name of your online disk] won't work, as it really isn't a valid WebDAV URL anymore. The folks at Jungle Disk realized this and have provided this alternative as a workaround:[name of online disk]

    If that doesn't work, I'd try contacting Jungle Disk.

    Hope it works.
  • I switched over to using the sync service within Zotero and it has worked flawlessly. Depending on the size of your library you may have to purchase storage space from Zotero, but it is well worth it.

    I hope this helps.
  • to sync zotero with jungle disk:
    First download jungle disk on one computer and configure it. then go to preference>synch>choose webdav option> in the address bar, localhost:2667/name of the online disk and then verify server. (for more detail:
    Now on second computer, in the address bar write of your online disk and then write the email address as well as password and finally verify server.
    hopefully it will work as it has worked for me.
    Liaqat Yusufzai
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