File links lost after computer transfer

I recently moved to a new computer (OSX --> Windows 10, in case that's relevant). I moved my Standalone Zotero library by copying the relevant directory (~/somepath/zotero/) and my records appear fine on the new system. However, all the links to files are broken (e.g. double click on the record, or clicking "show file", tells me the file can't be located).

I am using the zotfile extension to manage my PDFs; they are set up to save to ~/some-directory/%y/article.pdf. Saving new records works fine, but my old ones are lost (even though they are all stored as before in the same place using zotfile).

How can I fix this without manually relocating every file? Even being able to see the path that Zotero thinks the files are on would help, but I haven't found how to do that.

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