Private sync server?

I suppose this stems from a certain paranoia, but I generally prefer to keep my critical data on a server I can control. I prefer not to have my papers at the mercy of, say, Google server failures or Microsofts Live whims, or worse some unknown box in a basement in Albania.

What do I need in order to provide my own data sync in addition to the WebDAV file sync capability?
  • This has been frequently asked. There are no plans to support the zotero sync server, but the code for it may be released.

    If you want to sync on your own machines, you'll need to write or use a third-party plugin/server and/or use one of the many methods for backup/syncing that are a bit more ad hoc that have been discussed previously.
  • For those wondering, the Zotero servers are in Virginia, both on the GMU campus and in an off-campus datacenter used by Google, Amazon, et al.
  • I'm disappointed, Dan. I liked the thought of my zotero stuff being in an Albanian basement, and am clearly going to have to seek exoticism elsewhere.
  • I'll create a ticket.
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