Where is the cite pane of the Zotero preferences?

I am trying to install the plug-in for Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac. I am using Zotero in Safari, and www.zotero.org does not seem to provide access to the "cite pane of the Zotero preferences" that Zotero tells me I need use to download the MS Word plug-ins: every link or search I try just inevitably leads me back to the same page telling me to use the "cite pane of Zotero preferences (www.zotero.org/support/word_processor_plugin_installation). Where is this cite pane for Zotero in Safari?
  • It is in the Zotero Standalone program, not the Safari connector plugin. In Zotero, click the Gear icon, then click the "Cite" pane.
  • You're on the Zotero website. You want to use the Zotero software — specifically Zotero Standalone — which you can download from the download page. The Word plugin is bundled with Zotero Standalone, so you won't need to install that separately.
  • I've already downloaded Zotero Standalone, but I can't find the Word plug-in anywhere.
  • Can you find the Zotero preferences in Standalone?
  • I can't find Standalone at all - is it supposed to be an application on my computer? The only means of accessing Zotero that I can find is through the website.
  • Yes, it's an application on your computer, which you install after downloading it from the download page.

    It sounds like you maybe downloaded only the Zotero extension for Safari. You want to download Zotero Standalone as well and install that, and keep it open when you're saving in Safari. (Without Standalone, the Safari extension saves directly to zotero.org. It's better to use it with Standalone, which can then sync to zotero.org if you want.)
  • That was the problem - I had installed just the extension. Thanks, Dan!
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