Save to zotero button missing

Hi, I changed to a new mac, and now I cannot find the save to zotero -button in either firefox, safari or chrome. How can I get one?
  • Should I download it again? I have zotero but not the "save from zotero"-button in the internet browser. It won't let me download again, says I already have zotero.
  • In addition to the Zotero Standalone program, you also need to install one of the "connector" browser extensions for Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. This is how the browser communicates with Zotero Standalone.

    Once you have both the full Zotero program and the browser connector installed, if it's still not working, see here:
  • thanks, now i see
  • I have an updated version of Firefox and the Zotero app and used to have a Firefox add-on for Zotero, but it no longer appears. And, if I search for a Zotero add-on for Firefox, there are a bunch of add-ons, but none of them are just for Zotero integration. They are for auto-exporting, etc. So, why isn't there one as described in this document? This whole approach to dealing with Zotero is truly antiquated. It doesn't have to be this complicated and dependent upon different apps and different add-ons, etc.
  • There's really nothing complicated about this. You go to and download the Zotero version you want -- either Standalone or the Firefox add-on.
    Zotero hasn't been listed on mozilla for many years.
  • I have the standalone version. The problem is that I cannot get any data from BibUp into my Zotero app (or the Zotero web). All of the directions indicate that you have to have a Firefox add-on to create this link. But, there is no add-on. I've scanned several dozen books with BibUp, but I can't get them into Zotero. (I really wish Scanner for Zotero was still available. That was a great and simple app. I never had any issues with it.) If BibUp could just export the data in any of the typical bibliographic formats (RIF, etc.), I'd be happy with that, but I can't find any way to get the BibUp information onto my phone or MacBook. And, the other app, RefMe is even worse.

    Now, I'm just considering using Papers, where I had my data before. And, since Zotero no longer does what it used to, there is no real advantage other than having the data on my phone, which I rarely need anyway.
  • Sorry, I really don't understand. There is a Firefox add-on right on the download page we keep linking to. This will do what you want.

    (Together with Standalone, you can also use add-ons for Safari or Chrome to the same effect should you prefer those browsers).
  • Adam,

    Thanks. I was looking for the add-on from within Firefox. There's nothing relevant there. But, your info worked. It's still extra steps that were avoided with Scanner for Zotero.

    Thanks again.
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