DropBox and Zotero 1.5 - "Case conflicts"

I have been using Zotero 1.09 with DropBox on Ubuntu 8.10 for about 6 months and it has worked perfectly. I installed 1.5 a couple of weeks ago and everything seemed fine at first, however now whenever I 'Snapshot" a pdf to a saved citation I am having problems. It works fine intially, but if I reboot (not sure if it happens when I close and restart Firefox) and try to open the snapshot, Zotero can't find the article. When I look in my Zotero/storage folder it is full of "Case conflict" folders.

I have installed a more recent install of DropBox (which the guys over there thought would fix the problem) without any luck - the problem persists. I would like to know why this only started happening with 1.5 (NB I have had Zotero syncing disabled so far).

I would appreciate any help/advice.
  • I wrote a workaround, as far as cleaning up the mess of folders that conflicted files create. http://github.com/rizumu/dropbox-fix-conflicts/tree/master
  • I would like to know why this only started happening with 1.5
    Assuming this is a case problem, it's because 1.5 switched to including letters in the folder names. 1.0 used only integers.
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    i have two accounts i want to unsubscribe from one how can i do?

    i have changed my firefox software from 27 to now 28 but i can not access my zotero library for citation, why
  • Generally please open a new thread for new issues. That includes any follow-up questions to this.

    I don't know what you mean by "unsubscribe", but if you mean delete the account: https://www.zotero.org/settings/deleteaccount make sure you're deleting the right one.

    I'd expect Zotero to work with Firefox 28, but generally, it's only guaranteed to work with the most recent stable release. FF 28 isn't going to be released until next week.
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