Changing of styles for dummies

The simple task i want to do is making a few small changes to the citation style vancouver. As far as i know the 'simple style generator' can't change existing styles so it's not a useful tool for my concern. I also know the way via chrome://zotero/content/tools/csledit.xul, but i don't understand it:
- First problem here: How can i duplicate a style? I don't want to change the original vancouver but a renamed copy of this. Wrong tool or dementia?
- Second problem: For testing i tried to make a small change in the tags and pressed "refresh". (i deleted the unwanted line <date-part name="day" prefix=" "/> to say it more precisely). It happened exactly nothing. What's wrong?

I would be content with the ability to make the changes in a simple editor, but then i had to know a way to implant this changed text back into zotero. In the documentation a lot of details are explained very well, but i can't find hints for this basic principles. I'm afraid to oversee some very very simple things. I hope anybody can push me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.
  • look at this:

    when you change a style in the chrome panel it does not actually change, so you can just use that to experiment.
    Follow the instruction in the thread above on how to get the new one into Zt.

    as for why nothing happened when you hit refresh - probably the line wasn't relevant to the Zotero citation you had selected.
  • Thank you very much. The instruction in this word plugin thread was exactly what i searched for. And you were also right with your assumption that my deleted line wasn't relevant for the citation. I simply missunderstood the meaning.
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