Disable Autocomplete Feature?

Is there a way to disable the autocomplete feature for entry metadata? It's a good idea, but it really slows me down more often than not. I have a large database, and when entering missing fields like Place, e.g., it can freeze for 5–7 seconds before giving me my autocomplete options! I could have typed the location in manually in less than 1 second.

Is there a way to disable this feature? If not, please either speed it up for larger databases or give us the ability to turn it off.

  • I'd like to second this demand. I'm manually uploading my notes to Zotero, some 5600 bibliographic items done, some 25,000 to go, and when numbers start growing autocomplete takes up far more time than it saves.

  • I also support the option to enable or disable this feature. I recently switched to 2.0 Beta and about the only concern I have so far is the lag time waiting for the autocomplete feature to finish. This wasn't an issue with Zotero 1.xx.

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