Is there a way to turn off auto-upgrade function?

I want to maintain the current version and upgrade Zotero manually.

Is there a way to turn off auto-upgrade function?
  • I wish you wouldn't, but if you must, toggle the hidden preference to false:
  • (that's for standalone -- Firefox extension have GUI settings to adjust auto-updating)
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    Thanks a lot.

    Actually I "love" upgrading. However, for some time I have to, since some upgraded versions have problems for me.
  • Just quick thoughts -

    I can understand that for the majority of casual users automatically updating makes sense, and for them it's a better thing to do, but there are at least two cases I can see people wanting control over this:

    1. There's a rule of thumb not to make updates to software in the middle of important projects, to leave updates until between projects. (Your updates have been good, but there's still 'the devil you know'!)

    2. People on slow or awkward internet connections might like to be able to choose when to have software updates download.

    (Both of these are reasons I turn off automatic updating as much as I can; notifications are fine, but prefer not to have downloads in the background or "automatic" updates.)
  • That's why it's possible to not auto update, but at least for Zotero, the case for 1.) is quite weak. Updates often include not just regular bugfixes but also fixes for updates in operating systems, browsers, or word processors and missing out on these means a lot of things can still break with your Zotero in the middle of your project. Moreover, Zotero connects to the internet and does have browser technology under the hood and running outdated software is always a security risk.

    This is in addition to the more pragmatic concern that people generally don't do a great job of letting us know they're on old versions, thus wasting everyone's time in troubleshooting long fixed issues.
  • There is actually a third case, that I personally experience, for not auto-updating:

    3. People who work in a computer / tech environment where updates are not allowed by general users, due to computer security settings. Some more-tightly-managed systems only allow "administrator" privileges on special request, and "standard users" do not have install privileges. In my situation, I got a series of IT warnings and errors every day (since upgrading/installing is not allowed except by special permission) until I found this toggle.
  • FWIW, a) you can install/update Zotero without admin rights (at least on Windows & Linux; not sure on Mac) and b) if your IT doesn't let you do this, it's their job to keep it current.
    The concern that we don't want people unknowingly running outdated versions of Zotero is very real; it's a giant waste of time for everyone involved.
  • @adamsmith
    I agree that under normal circumstances it is _always_ best to let Zotero auto-update. That is _not_ necessarily the case with other sofiware. Auto-updates can and sometimes do cause problems (I'm thinking about Adobe.) There are other situations that require auto-update to be turned off. One afternoon a week I am in a work environment where -- admin privileges or not -- security rules do not allow auto-updates or any update that has not first been officially vetted.
  • I understand this. See above:
    That's why it's possible to not auto update
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