Files will not save with annotations for extracted annotations

I have the Zotero standalone and zotfile plugin-I am using the most recent version of each. I also am using the most recent version of adobe reader. When I highlight text in my adobe pdf files (to later use the extract annotations feature), the files will not save. I have already placed the files in Zotero and renamed the attachments (having them save in a folder on my computer). Then, when I go to save the highlights, adobe prompts me to save the files as new. So basically, I have to save the files as different files, and re-load them into Zotero and re-rename the attachments in order to extract annotations. How can I fix this so I can just click save, and extract annotations without going through this complicated process?
  • the problem here is Acrobat, not Zotero. You can either use a more reasonable PDF viewer (Foxit, pdfXchange e.g.) or follow the instructions here: to have Acrobat save files normally.
  • The problem still persists and I haven't been able to find any solution. I thoroughly searched the forums on Acrobat Reader DC and followed the steps suggested to change the preferences to no avail. I then switched to Nitro PDF reader thinking that a different PDF reader would solve the problem, but I still am unable to save changes within the same file without creating a new file name or file location. I've searched everything in Zotero, Nitro, and Adobe and am still getting the error that all the PDF files are read-only. If I open a file outside of Zotero, there is no problem making edits and saving those changes with the same file name and in the same file location. I'm starting to wonder if it is a problem with how Zotfile renames and saves the files for me. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  • If the PDFs are read only in the technical sense, that would of course be a problem. Have you checked file permissions (do "Show File" in Zotero and then check under right-click --> Properties (? -- sorry, don't have Windows open) for permissions.
  • Hi,

    I have been having the same problem lately. I download papers into zotero no problem but when I read and make notes or edits within the pdf, it won't let me save those edits within zotero but rather makes me save the edited file in a separate location.

    I went to the pdf-> show file-> and looked at the permissions as was recommended by adamsmith in this last post. Not positive what I'm looking for but nothing jumped out as an obvious problem.

    Was this issue ever solved? Can you recommend how I can also go back to saving edits within zotero, please?
  • As adamsmith says, this doesn't really have anything to do with Zotero. It's your PDF reader that's preventing you from saving, not Zotero.

    The one thing we can tell you is that you should confirm that your Zotero data directory is in the default location, "Zotero" within your home folder, not deeper within the Library (macOS) or AppData (Windows) folder. Old versions of Zotero from years ago put the data directory within Library or AppData, and some version of macOS a number of years back stopped allowing Preview to save files within there. We're not aware of any similar restrictions on Windows but it's not impossible. But your data directory should have been automatically migrated to "Zotero" in the home folder years ago.
  • Ok, thank you.
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