Child folder of "My Library

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to suggest that it is made possible that "My Library" allows child-folders and that items assigned to those do not appear in "my Library". This feature would enhance the overall search and tidiness of the extension.
  • I disagree. What advantage would that have? If you want to constrain the records displayed, then you select a collection.

    What I do think would be useful is if selecting a collection would display the contents of subcollections.
  • Hello bdarcus,

    I agree, it would be cool if displaying the contents of subcollections were an option. And an additional idea: saved searches are only possible at the top of the hierarchy. It would be cool if you could make a saved search somewhere down the tree, and that this search would only give matching results in that tree.

  • edited October 26, 2006
    We could probably add an option to display sub-items of collections as a toggle button above the collections pane.

    As a workaround, note that it's possible to display sub-items of both top-level collections and collections elsewhere in the hierarchy by using a saved search with a Collection condition and the "Search subfolders" option.
  • I would like to echo support for the idea of optionally displaying subcollections under a higher level collection (something like micro$oft outlook has a checkbox for optionally seeing content of mail subfolders).

    This would make things much easier for how I would use this!
  • Note that in Beta 4 it's now possible to view items from subcollections by going to about:config in the URL bar and enabling extensions.zotero.recursiveCollections.

    This hasn't been fully tested, but it seems to work OK.
  • For the record: this preference can still be set the way Stillman describes and seems to work ok. I think this should be turned on by default...
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