ScienceDirect, Google Scholar not working

I get a could not save error when trying to save off these databases. I've tried everything on the trouble shooting page. None of my plugins or extensions are known to be incompatible, and disabling them all did not help. There are no translator updates, no database errors detected, and resetting translators and styles did not work. I have firefox 3.0.5 and zotero 1.0.9.

Here's a link from ScienceDirect:

If it's any help I submitted an error report, ID: 191881577

Let me know if any other info can help. Thanks.
  • Can you provide a Google Scholar URL that isn't working for you?
  • GoogleScholar:

    And informaworld isn't working either:
  • @Grst - can you try connecting while you're on campus or through VPN?
    All of these links work for me - I suspect this might be your proxy server - though that wouldn't explain google.
  • Grst: You're getting "Permission denied" errors, which generally point to an extension conflict. In your case, if you still get them on Google Scholar (which is the best place to test to avoid proxy issues) with all other extensions disabled, it may be a conflict with another app on your system that's interacting with Firefox. We're not aware of any other than RoboForm, but in that case users found that the app itself needed to be quit completely—simply disabling the Firefox extension wasn't sufficient.

    It would be good to test on campus or via a transparent VPN, however, as adam.smith notes.
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    I can't access from campus since I'm "borrowing" my girlfriend's login. I tried VPN but the translator icon doesn't appear in the url box.

    Does it matter that I moved this database from an XP machine to Vista?

    Edit: Ok Dan. I'll see if there's anything that might fit that description. Thanks.
  • FIXED!

    My new computer came with a subscription to Norton. It has a little feature I have never used called "identity safe," which is similar to RoboForm. I turned it off and problem solved.

    Thanks guys.
  • Great, thanks. Added to the Known Issues page.
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