Search colors

Is there a relatively easy way to change highlighting/colors for searching? I'd like more contrast between the "matching" items, which are currently black, and the "parent/sibling" items, which are light gray.
  • It depends on your definition of "relatively easy," but you can create a 'chrome' directory within your Firefox profile, add a userChrome.css file, and add something like this to it:

    #zotero-items-tree treechildren::-moz-tree-cell-text(contextRow) {
    color: blue !important;

    Replace "blue" with your color of choice, and add any other CSS rules you see fit, to change the look of the non-matching items. Take out "(contextRow)" to modify the color of regular items. Just keep the !important.
  • Perfect! Thanks.
  • Hi, wanted to make sure these tags are still the right ones - I'm a little confused initially by my results this time around. So (contextRow) is for items that match the quick search? And sans (contextRow) is for items that don't match?
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