Force close of "All markup"

Not sure if this is a bug or by design.
If I view reviewer comments open via the "Review" and show "All Markup" it always reverts to "No Markup" when I Edit or Add a citation.
Using Word 2016, Windows 10.
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    I have the same problem using Word 2010.
    Already updated the word plugin, reboot etc.
  • We seem to be the only one with this bug I guess. I also tried if I experience the same bug in a new word document, but I get the same bug
  • I am running on Win7 and zotero and get the same bug. It seems it began to happen with the recent update.
  • This is still happening. I've generated a bug report immediately after it occurring, no idea if that will help as Zotero report everything is fine. ID is 168217938.

    To reproduce this error:
    1. Have comments/track changes active in Word (in my case only comments are active, shown as 'all markup', I am not using track changes).
    2. Immediately on invoking the add citation dialogue the side pane of the page displaying the comments is turned off (setting in Word is changed to 'no markup'). This therefore requires me to turn markup back on every time I insert/edit a citation.
  • I'm pretty sure this is universally the case on Word for Windows, so the problem isn't reproducing it but for Simon to get it fixed. Can't tell you, unfortunately, when that will be.
    I've created a ticket for easier tracking:
    (note that github tickets in Zotero are for development use only; you should only post there if you plan to contribute a fix or have identified the problematic section of the VB code)
  • Many thanks for that. Hoping it can be corrected soon.
  • Confirming I have it as well on Word 2013 and Win. 7.
  • I get the bug as well. Win 7, Word 2010, as soon as I updated zotero stand-alone.
  • I have this problem as well. I didn't see this, so I started a new thread for it, but I'll close that one. I'm using Word 2010 on Windows 10, and the latest version of Zotero (
  • Hello,

    I have this problem as well. I'm using Windows 8, Word 2016 and Zotero Standalone

    (I'm glad I found this post, I thought it was something wrong with my settings)
  • Any one has idea about how to solve it. It is really painful working with that bug.
  • Same issue here. Is a solution for this issue in the works? Thanks!
  • Same issue here. Is a solution for this issue in the works? Thanks!

    not sure about when it'll be released.
  • Is it possible to apply this change already. Maybe a bit naive, but can I just replace or alter a file or something like that?
  • It's possible in Firefox, though obviously not user friendly and comes with no guarantees (but can be reverted, so it also doesn't come with much of a risk):
    Go to
    - Click on Download .Zip.
    - Extract the zip file on your computer.
    - go into the zotero-word-for-windows-integration-master folder
    - create a new .zip file (i.e. compress) all the items within that folder
    - change the file extension of the file from .zip to .xpi
    - go to the add-ons tab in Firefox, click on the little tool icon at the top
    - install from file --> select the .xpi file you created.

    I don't think this will work with Standalone (though if it does it'd work exactly the same way).
  • This fix is available for testing in the latest WinWord Integration Beta. Feel free to try that and let us know if it fixes the problem for you. If there are no problems, we'll push out a new version with this fix ASAP.
  • I use the standalone version and this fix works for me!
  • Works with the Firefox version too! (MS Word 2013, Zotero Thanks!
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    had the same problem in word 2013 and win 8.1, i am testing the winword int beta with stand alone and it seems to be working fine. When will this included in the stable version?

    edit: no this doesn't fix the problem. This issue make me want to switch to another software, it seems such a trivial thing to fix.
  • The fix from 3rd of December 2015 works for me too (Windows 10, MS Word 2013, Zotore Standalone
  • Still problems for me, can anybody help? I am afraid I am not the only one with this issue.
  • Just to update this thread, this is fixed in Zotero Standalone, available now. (It's been fixed for Firefox users (or Standalone users who installed the plugin manually) since December.)
  • It took a long time!! :/
    Why the Standalone version is not updated at the same time as the Firefox Version?
  • As of now every add/edit citation in Zotero ( standalone version) switches MS word (2013) to all markup mode.
  • I also see the behavior described by krzysztof.rokita, with different Zotero & Word versions:
    Every add/edit citation in Zotero (plugin for Firefox) switches MS Word (2016) to "all markup" mode.

    Can we have Zotero simply NOT CHANGE the markup mode? (I want to be using "simple markup".)
  • I have the latest standalone version and i still have this problem. Any one else have this issue?
  • I have the same issue as adschw with MS Word 2013 and Zotero
  • I still have the same problem with Firefox plugin 3.5.6 and Office 365.
  • The Zotero developers are aware of the behavior. Fixing it is a fairly complex problem, as the methods for controlling the Track Changes display behaviors have changed repeatedly across Word versions.
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