Copy only filtered tags as currently displayed in tagselector area

Question 1:

Does anybody know if there is a method in Zotero or with enhancement of a Plugin to:

"Copy only filtered tags as currently displayed in the tagselector area"

- I scanned the UI an d the documentation.
- I googled a bit and already know the Zutilo Plugin very well.

There seems nothing suitable currently.

Of course cou can try to address that in code via API and eg Python. But that is just the question in advance before reinventing the wheel.

Here is the agile user story:

As a Zotero Standalone User, I want to copy only the filtered tags as currently displayed in the tagselector area, to process particular related tags for consolidation.

Currently there is a way to rename existing tags to another existing name to join misspellings or singular/plural duplicates.

Related Question 2

Is there any tag keyword manager tool suitable to help with this in Zotero?

I know an AddOn Tool for the Plone CMS with functionality similar to my demand called Products.KeywordManager. The code is freely available on the Python Package Index to be suitable as a starting point unsing Python.

Any off topic answers leading into the same direction are welcome as long they offer a benefit.
  • Answer to 1 is almost certainly no. Zutilo comes closest, but as you know you can't restrict that to the currently selected tags.

    I think this would actually be quite tricky (if possible at all) to do in python, since the server API doesn't know which tags you currently have selected and the local API is a javascript API, so my guess would be that writing an Zotero add-on (possible built on top of Zutilo) is your best bet.
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