Zed: a new Zotero client for Android

Hi all,

I've been working on a new Zotero client for Android devices. Zed is available as a beta from my website, http://www.favand.net/zed.
Zed allows users to sync libraries, download attachments, and create, edit, and delete items. There's still a lot to be done on it, but it's stable and usable at this point.

Second, I made and released a simpler client, Zed Lite, which is on Google Play now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.favand.zedlite
Zed Lite does not sync libraries, but offers a simple interface for browsing and searching a library, and shows the basic information about an item with a formatted reference. References and URLs can be shared to other apps (including email). URLs and attachments can be opened.

I wrote a bit more about these on my blog: http://daniel.favand.net/2015/03/02/new-android-apps-for-zotero/
It's probably best to direct questions there or through a form linked from that post, although I'll do my best to reply to comments posted here as well.

I hope you guys find these apps helpful!

Best wishes,
  • tried on my phone. Excellent!
    but the organization of items are not good (folder tree is always expanded) and cannot sort the item on my way.
    Thank you for your work!
  • the display of standalone notes is problematic. and the content is not synced.
  • Hi Laoyang!

    I'm glad you've tried it out. I'll take a second look at the folder tree. In the current design, it is supposed to be open all the time on screens that are wide enough. However, this may need to be adjusted.

    I'll be working on how to integrate notes, standalone and otherwise. I'm not sure what you mean by "content" not being synced. Please get in touch through the contact form at http://www.favand.net/zed so I can take a closer look at the issue.
  • good app in android
  • Hi Daniel,

    any update on WebDAV support? I would love to use your beta version, but the only way it would be useful to me would be, if it supported download on demand of attachments and their synchronization after editing. Then I could use my tablet and even my phone to read and annotate documents on the road and later have them syncronized again. This would be a huge step!

    Thank you for your efforts. It looks really good already.

  • +1 to WebDAV support.

    Zed truly looks like a great project, and with WebDAV it would solve all my needs. If I may, I would suggest implementing this in phases, with read-only support in the first phase, and read-write as an optional second phase.

    I am currently using Zandy, which I've compiled myself and to which I've manually linked the java webdav libraries. So, it's certainly possible on Android. I can see you've added the UI widgets for this, too. I imagine it's trickier than it sounds to actually hook up the buttons to the WebDAV library functionality, but you will be accomplishing something unique in the Android ecosystem if you pull it off!
  • I tried it, but cannot find a way to download attachment from my WebDAV repository. How do I set up zed to use WebDAV?
  • Has anybody had any luck with moderately sized libraries (~ 4000 items)?

    For me, it never seems to finish syncing, even after wating for over 1 hour (I have a reliable internet connection). It eventually bails out and when you try to open it again, it shows again "3695 items to download" like if we are always back to square one. And then, it will often just crash with the "Unfortunately, Zed has stopped" message from Android.
  • I have downloaded Zed, and the sync seems to have worked perfectly. I can't, however, seem to be able to download any of the PDFs or otherwise access them on my tablet (Samsung Galaxy 2 running Android 4.4). Is this an issue with the old(er) device and OS, or...? Any thoughts anyone has for troubleshooting this are much appreciated.
  • has this been discontinued? All the existing zotero apps for android are severely lacking in features!
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