Problems with openoffice plugin (2.0a2) and tracking changes

The openoffice plugin does not play nice when 'Edit->Changes->Record' is enabled.
Here is the list of problems so far:

1. Switching from fields to bookmarks crashes OpenOffice.

2. It is impossible to delete a reference. The plugin picks the field or bookmark that has been marked as deleted and reinserts it on refresh. Related to this when changing a reference the old reference is reinserted at the next refresh.

3. Hitting 'refresh' for the first time apparently deletes and reinserts the references which is recorder as a change.

I guess that these problems will be solved If the plugin ignores text that has been marked as deleted.
  • Cannot install 2.0a2 in portable version of OpenOffice 3.0.

    The 1.0b4 plugin installed fine in the portable version of OpenOffice, but would not uninstall, so I has to uninstall the entire OpenOffice suite, re-install but still would not allow me to install the 2.0a2 plugin. Obviously, with the portable version of OpenOffice, I need to be able to use the sync supported plugin 2.0a2.
  • littlefield: Please start a new thread—this isn't related to the above issue.
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