Best way to organize and tag epub ? (Best reader and technic)

I read a lot of epub and make a lot of highlights. I'm looking for the currently best (most direct) way to get those highlights (from any reader) in Zotero notes to tag them. I rarely use Zotero for citation (creating a bibliography) but mainly to organize ideas by tagging them, and retrieving them by the tags (those tags include book chapters).

The easiest way would be to have a reader (such as Firefox Epub Reader) that would be totally integrated with Zotero tag feature. We would only need to select the text needed while reading and applying directly Zotero tags on it. This would automatically create a new note from this selected text and apply the tags (or it would ask me if I want to add this new note under an already existing citation).

If there is no such feature already implemented (or any other direct way to tag highlights), is there an epub reader that have more chance than the other, in a near (or not) future to integrate Zotero features?

Until today I did work with kindle. That was a mistake: I had, once in a while, to retrieve my highlights and to tag them. That was a huge waste of time since I had to re-read everything, to re-find the right tags and copy past them into Zotero notes. I ended up with tonnes of useless highlights since I did not tag them, and that are thus impossible to retrieve. So I quit the kindle and started to read epub on my PC to read and tag in the same time.
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