Zojo an Android app for viewing citations stored at Zotero


I would like to introduce an Android application I have written to view citations stored at Zotero.

Zojo allows users to view their citations stored at Zotero.org, the link to the google play store is


You will need a Zotero account to use this app.

If you want to maintain a current copy of your citations in Zojo, you will need to *** enable sync *** in the settings page.

It now includes support for downloading, annotating and uploading PDF attachments.

PDF attachments are stored on your SD card, so make sure you have one in your phone/tablet.

This is an advance feature and I highly recommend that you create a BACKUP of your entire Zotero folder before you begin. I will NOT be responsible for any damage/loss of data.

The instructions are as follows .....

*** On your Desktop ***

1) Install Dropbox on your Desktop

2) Open a DOS prompt (with admin privilege) use the command "mklink /D full_path_to_zotero_storage_folder full_path_to_dropbox_folder/storage & pause"

This link from the zotero website provides additional details on how to find your zotero storage folder "https://www.zotero.org/support/zotero_data"

3) This will create a symbolic link to your storage folder and sync all your files in this folder.

There is a script written by Mikko Rönkkö for his app ZotPad that automates the whole process. It automates the symbolic link create. The link is http://zotpad.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/103395-what-is-a-symbolic-link-and-why-should-i-use-one-w

*** In the Zojo Android app ***

1) In the settings page click the "Link Dropbox (To view PDF attachments)"

2) This will open a new page, click "Link with Dropbox"

3) Give Zojo permission to access Dropbox folder

Once all of this setup is complete, you will now see PDF attachments in the items.

There will be three buttons "Download", "Open" and "Upload"

"Download" --> Downloads the attachments to your SD card

"Open" --> Will open the folder in which the PDF file exists. You can use your favorite PDF viewer to open it.
*** Make sure you have an android app such as ES explorer to browse through your folders. ***

"Upload" --> Will upload the PDF file to Dropbox

*** If you want an offline copy of every PDF on your phone/tablet let me know, I have written a python script that extracts all the PDF files in to the same hierarchy as found in the Zotero storage folder. You can transfer this generated folder into the files directory under the folder "com.phani.zojo" obviating the need to download every PDF by hand.

*** When creating the symbolic link, I have noticed that using the method mentioned above, you need to restart the dropbox app on your computer to force it to update. However if you transfer the storage folder to Dropbox and create a symbolic link in the zotero folder, updates are instantaneous.

*** I understand this can be a complex setup for some users. If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Current Limitations:

1) Zojo only allows you to view citations, you cannot add new ones.

2) The search is currently limited to words in the title of the article.

3) Tag based searching is not yet implemented.
  • Cool, congrats on the release.

    A couple of questions:
    1. Have you or are you planning to release the source code under an open license? Since you're making the app free anyway, there'd seem to be little downside to this.

    2. Do you have future plans for this? What do you see as the next steps?

    3. If people find problems, what is the best way to report them?
  • Zojo is currently not released under an open license, however that is something I considering as a possibility for the future. Overcoming some of the limitations of the app mentioned above are things I plan on working in my spare time. The best way to report any problems would be to either post them here on this thread or send me an email.
  • Very nice app.
    I have a Samsung Note 10.1. I find that the files are stored on my built-in SD card (/sdcard, which points to /storage/emulated/0), which will soon run out of space. Is there a way to specify the storage location? It will be useful to store my files in /storage/extSdCard.
  • At present, there is no way to change the storage location. This is something I can include in the next release. I am currently in the process of finishing my PhD and may not be able to update the app for the next three months.
  • is this still an ongoing project? thanks!
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