We need more tag lines!

We're looking for more tag lines (e.g., "A personal research assistant. Inside your browser.") to put into rotation at the top of this site. Feel free to post serious, witty, or weird slogans in this discussion. A maximum of ten words, please.
  • "Bringing Research into the 21st Century" or "Bringing Research into the Digital Era"
    "The Only Research Tool You will Need"
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    "And that is where babies come from!"
    "Zotero: we're knowledgeable, knowledge is power"
    "Learning is hard, we made it easier: Zotero"
    "Zotero: Making a browser better by allowing you to learn"
  • "Just say no to 3x5 cards."
    "Hate creating bibliographies? So do we."
    "Less time managing citations. More time researching... or relaxing."
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    "It's like Endnote, but without the sucking"
  • "Zotero: A new hope"
    "Zotero: To boldly go where no reference manager has gone before"
    "Zotero: You've already found what you where looking for"
    "Zotero: Rolodexes accepted for trade in"
    "Zotero: As if being a scholar wasn't too much fun already"
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    Rip. Burn. Share. Play.
  • Better. (and free)
  • Citation Management for the way you do research.
  • Build bibliographies while you browse.
    Browse your way to beautiful bibliographies.
  • Friends don't let friends research Zoteroless.
    This is your brain. This is your brain on Zotero. Any questions?
  • "Single-click Citation."
    "Bibliography on the Front Line."
    "Search. Sort. Cite."
    "Site to Cite."
  • Zotero: My Brain Files
  • e.g., "End Note has left the building"
    e.g., "Saving Items... since 2006"
    e.g., "Because your bibliography says a lot about you"
    e.g., "Object in browser appear closer than they are"
    e.g, "Measuring all metadata has measured"
    e.g., "Entities sometimes are multiplied beyond necessity."
    e.g., "90% of the game is bibliographical, the other half is mental."
    e.g.. "Making your browser a culmination of the past, an awareness of the present, and an indication of a future beyond knowledge."
    e.g., "RDF springs eternal"
  • How about:
    From confusion—clarity
    From frustration—fusion
    The web now has a wrangler:
  • what why when where how who - zotero

    zotero - for the zcholarly zurfer

    reeling, writhing, and fainting in coils - zotero

    it's all done with electrons - zotero
  • zotero - the first one's free

    zotero - comfortable, easy, ok

    let us not talk falsely now - the hour's getting late - zotero

    zotero - of, by, and for the scholar
  • Never before have citations been Zo Zimple!
  • Zo•te•ro:

    zero-tedium reference organizer

    (But perhaps you already had that in mind? By the way, I'm very partial to "Like EndNote without the sucking" and "EndNote has left the building")
  • Research + Zotero = Sanity

    (also like: ""It's like Endnote, but without the sucking"!)
  • "Zotero: Don't Fake the Funk on a Nasty Dunk"

    "Zotero: I've Got Fudge!"

    "Zotero: Who Wants to Play Balderdash?"
  • Science Hacks, 2.0 style
  • 1. crispy citation and literature manager
    2. Zotero means festive research
    3. Love research !! it's Zotero :)
  • If it's not Zo Zimple, it's not Zotero.

    Az Zotero goez, so goz the Nation.

    Zotero I go, Zo better I feel!
    (zippy homages)
    Zotero! Yow!

    I want a COLOR T.V. and a VIBRATING ZOTERO!!!


    the ZOTERIANS are in here with my CORDUROY SOAP DISH!!
  • Palindromatic response to "Do you still use 3x5's?"

    No More! To Zotero, Mon!
  • I just downloaded zotero. And already I'm pulling things together, reanimating the petrified and muttering things like, "I'll learn them something good." But before I go conquer my world I wanted to offer these small alms and my thanks.

    • The uncommonly good denominator.
    • Conquer the World, and have a place to put it.
    • Raising brows, and browsers.
    • Opps! There goes your excuse for NOT being able too.
    • Being smarter than you think.
    • Get out with all your brilliance!
    • Common ground for all the knowledge in the world.
    • Yes. Really!
    • See the forest. Be the tree. Make sense.

    You can keep the t-shirt. Unless you've got it in a semi-body-hugging, not-quite-sure-if-he's, antiqued-cotton-blend that's soon-to-be-out-of-fashion, then size Lrg. please.
  • The Non Sequitur Society -- we also like Zotero
  • Don't be a pinhead. Use the Zotero!
  • Zoter' open your world!
  • Zotero -- For Generation Z!
    Zotero - Research, not Re-search!
    Zotero - It Goes With Your Flow!
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