Zotero Indexed items not visible when using Bodybuilding toolbar on firefox

I have been a Zotero user since last year and have had very little problems in using Zotero. But recently, I installed the Bodybuilding tool bar (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/6140) for Firefox 3.0.1 and after that, surprisingly the Zotero main panel stopped displaying my library entries. (I found out this after reading a similar case already closed for discussion in Zotero troubleshooting forums: http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/1458).

Now, I disable the toolbar add-on whenever I use zotero (read whenever I am working). This actually helps now. I can just concentrate more on work!
  • The Bodybuilding toolbar is behaving extremely unneighborly. In technical JavaScript terms, it is "extending Object.prototype", which is generally considered to be very bad, particularly in a shared environment like the Firefox extension framework. While there are ways to defend against it, they greatly increase code complexity and shouldn't be necessary.

    I've added the BB toolbar to the Incompatible Extensions list. You might want to contact them and suggest that they fix their code, since there's no need to do what they're doing.
  • The extension of Object.prototype has been removed in the latest release of the bodybuilding toolbar (Ver. 1.3).

    Thanks for catching this
  • zeke: Thanks for the quick fix. I've updated the Incompatible Extensions list to note that this is fixed in 1.3.
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