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Hi there,

I have been trying to save documents into my library today, and I realise it isnt saving any references today, despite showing the ' Saving in the library' icon on the bottom right. I tried sync-ing many times, there is enough storage space, trying to make individual search by authors name assuming it has stored somewhere if its showing the 'saving' thing, to no avail... Cant really figure out now, any suggestions in this regard would be highly appreciated. Cheers!
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    What are you saving with (Zotero for Firefox or one of the Chrome/Safari connectors), and where exactly are you looking? If you're using a connector, is Zotero Standalone open?
  • Also, when it shows the "Saving in..." pop-up, does it list the title of the item? If it doesn't it's not saving it. If this is the case and you can give us a sample URL, we can take a look.
  • @ Dan, I am saving with Firefox. The issue I am facing is I dont see the saved documents, as a result while doing citations/bibliography I am not able to locate those files and do the citations and bibliography as well.

    No I am not using standalone zotero now
  • Hi Adam,

    This is the link and many others I was trying to save references from, but cant
  • almost certainly 10.I here:
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