"Show File": Inconsistent response (Error Log D59861732)

I'm experiencing an inconsistency in behaviour when using the "Show File" option in Zotero Standalone (v4.0.20; Win 7) after renaming files using Zotfile (v3.1). While I am able to view all PDFs using "View PDF", the location of newer files fails to open when selecting "Show File". I've generated an error log for (1) a file which generates the expected behavior for "Show File", and (2) a file in which the file location does not open. Unfortunately, the error log is not particularly helpful in identifying the source of the problem. I'd appreciate any suggestions you might have, and would be happy to troubleshoot anything that might help to pinpoint the source of the problem. The file details follow below:

File 1 (Directory Opened; File Linked in 2013):
D:\Journal PDFs\Aquaculture International PDFs\Aquaculture International13-175-186.pdf

File 2 (No Response; File Linked on 5/3/2014):

D:\Journal PDFs\Acta Zoologica Bulgarica PDFs\Acta Zoologica Bulgarica66-127–131.pdf


  • Did you try manually linking to a file, as adamsmith suggested in the other thread? We need to know if this only happens with files linked via ZotFile.

    And what happens if you just try to open the file via Zotero by double-clicking on it?
  • Dan,

    A manually linked file can be accessed using the "Show File" option. Double-clicking a file in Zotero opens the PDF, and matches the behaviour shown by clicking "View PDF". This behaviour is consistent, whether or not the folder can be accessed using "Show File".


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    And what about after renaming a linked file via Zotero, after clicking on the title in the right-hand pane and making sure "Rename associated file" is checked?
  • Renaming the file works as expected, but I still cannot access the folder using "Show File".
  • Sorry, but we need to be very explicit here, since you originally reported this as being about ZotFile. You're saying that you can reproduce this problem by renaming a linked file in Zotero, with no connection whatsoever to ZotFile? Can you reproduce this with other extensions disabled? Does the problem persist after restarting Zotero?
  • Dan,

    No - this seems to be a problem specifically related to Zotfile. When I rename a manually added link, the file remains accessible from Zotero (i.e. normal behaviour), but renaming a file originally linked through Zotfile (and inaccessible via "Show File") does not recover the expected behaviour. This means that the problem is specifically related to the interaction between Zotfile and Zotero and cannot be reproduced within Zotero proper.

    This is a long standing problem (at least several months), one which persists after restarting Zotero.

  • OK, thanks — then you should take this back to the ZotFile thread.
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