BibTeX file of Zotero style repository samples; anybody?

I am looking for a BibTeX file with the full data set of the sample citations which pop up in the Zotero style repository. It would come handy for testing.
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    The JSON is here:
    you can import that into Zotero and generate bibtex if you want, but for testing generally CSL-JSON is obviously better because that's what Zotero uses.
  • Thank you! However, could you give me a clue about how to import a .json file? As a newcomer to Zotero, I did manage to import the file in the stand-alone version. I receive the error message "The selected file is not in a supported format."
  • ah right, that's embedded in an object.

    The easiest is to select all text from the square bracket ([) in line 2 two up to (and including) the square bracket in line 123, copy, and then do "import from clipboard in Zotero.
    Alternatively you can download the file, open in a text editor and manually remove the last line and

    at the beginning.
  • Thanks, I could convert it now.
    For your information: The JSON "issued" field is systematically ignored,
    "issued": {
    "raw": "2001"
    instead of being converted to a BibTeX year = {2001}, field.
  • Also FYI, the link to the infamous Amazon patent expired, but here is a free URL to the same patent:
  • I posted the curated previews.bib BibTeX file here:
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    @adamsmith, if I understand things correctly, the journal article also shouldn't have the URL set to the DOI.

    Also, for the patent this might be a preferable URL (because of its shorter length):
  • We fixed date import from JSON in Zotero:

    Thanks for reporting! Not much CSL-JSON _importing_ happening in Zotero, thought we're using it for DataCite DOI imports now.
  • @Rintze, Dan:
    I'm not sure what the history of that data is, but it could use some cleaning up. Beyond the DOI and the invalid patent URL, the main issue are title cased titles.

    If Dan is OK with that I'll submit a pull request with cleaned-up data.
  • If Dan is OK with that I'll submit a pull request with cleaned-up data.
    Sure — thanks.
  • It's just some item metadata I came up with and massaged a little by hand. Feel free to make any type of changes.
  • previews with new data are up
  • To get the species name in the example rendered correctly, it should be

    "title": "Xylose fermentation by <i><span class='nocase'>Saccharomyces
  • the no case tag is not officially supported, so we wouldn't add that.
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