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I am running key config, e.g. to bind a keyboard shortcut to "retrieve metadata", or "create parent item". I found the relevant commands here

It is possible to switch between Info/Notes/Tags/Related in the right panel in the same way? I often want to switch between these, and it would be nice to be able to do this without clicking.

Also see here:


(PS. What would be super nice would be to just have anything that can be bound to a key in zutilo - that suggestion was made elsewhere already. I guess that's a question for the Zutilo maintainer...)
  • Mac OS 10.7 (with Zotero stand alone)
  • Dan will have to say for Mac. On Linux and I believe windows, ctrl+tab does this, but as per the other thread I think this works differently on Mac.
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    First, go to System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts and set "Full Keyboard Access" to "All controls". (The location might be slightly different on 10.7, but the pref name was the same.) That will let you get to the right-hand pane and Tab/Shift-Tab through the fields.

    To switch panes on OS X, Tab into the right pane and then use Ctrl+PgDn/PgUp (Fn+Ctrl+up/down-arrow on a MacBook or wireless keyboard) to cycle between the tabs. That's the same shortcut as for Firefox/Chrome tabs (though Safari uses something different).

    However, we should possibly make the Tab cycle include the active tab and then allow left/right-arrow to navigate between them, which is the case in the Advanced pane of the Firefox preferences.
  • Really great - many thanks!

    Yes, left/right-arrow in that way would be great. (Fn key is a bit awkwardly positioned on Mac.)

  • (Fn key is a bit awkwardly positioned on Mac.)
    Er, I actually meant Ctrl+PgDn/PgUp above, not Fn+PgDn/PgUp. MacBooks and the Apple Wireless Keyboard just don't have dedicated Page-Up/Page-Down keys, so you have to use Fn+up/down-arrow on those to simulate the Page-Up/Page-Down keys. So it's actually not that awkward: on a full-size Apple keyboard you press Ctrl+Page-Up/Page-Down, and on a MacBook or wireless Apple keyboard you just press Fn/Control together in the bottom-left corner and then the up or down arrow keys.

    (I've edited my post above to correct this.)
  • Ticket created for including the active tab in the Tab cycle.
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    FWIW, in keyconfig, you can assign a keyboard shortcut to document.getElementById('zotero-view-tabbox').tabs.advanceSelectedTab(1,true);to cycle through tabs (-1 if you want to cycle backwards)

    Edit: and if you want to assign a shortcut to a specific tab use .selectedIndex = 0 instead of .advanceSelectedTab... where the number is the index of the tab (0 based)
  • Hi aurimas, hi all,

    I've written up all I know about about navigation between panes here:
    Some navigation is also possible with keyconfig + zutilo (e.g. moving to info and tabs pane within the right hand pane).

    I am wondering how hard it would be to have a preference pane in Zotero, that simply listed all Zotero functions that can be bound to keys? (And do the same in Zutilo, as Zutilo defines extra functions.) Surely this can't be that hard? I know it may not be a priority, but there are various threads about this.

    Keyconfig is not that intuitive to use, and it seems to be quite old. The other key configuration extension suggested doesn't work in Zotero stand alone for me. So it would be really good if we more functions were exposed through the preferences.

  • Actually - some of these are already in Zutilo, e.g. "Add tag", and "Edit item info", so keyconfig is not needed!
  • Aurimas,

    do you happen to know the id for the middle pane? Would a similar technique work for focus on that pane?

  • Note that what I said above is not to gain _focus_, but to switch what is displayed (which is what I thought you wanted in your original query). Though you can try calling ".focus()" on the middle pane (or whatever object you want to focus). Not sure how well that would work.

    You probably want "zotero-items-tree"
  • See also here: Various additions made to Zutilo!
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