"Item Zotero pane" to "Item on zotero.org", create bibliography from item

When in the Zotero pane (or Zotero stand alone), is it possible to get the link to an item on zotero.org? I.e. does the Zotero pane "know" about the url for the item on zotero.org.

Also, when creating a bibliography item (through the context menu), it it possible to adjust the style so that it includes the above link to zotero.org?

  • 1. See here: http://zoteromusings.wordpress.com/2013/04/23/zotero-item-uris-from-client/ - not natively, but it's easy to get it to do that.

    2. No, that information isn't available to citation styles, sorry (unless, of course, you put it into the "URL" field of an item, but you'd have to do that manually).
  • Many thanks - that's great!!
  • Hello again,

    should the zotero://select/items/... link highlight the item in the zotero library? The link opens the zotero pane, but the item is not highlighted.

    Other than that, it's perfect! I've looked at the js examples from the above links, and amended the script as shown below. This gives me authors, year, title, and the zotero links. It could be a lot more sophisticated, but for now it's really good!

    function doExport() {
    var item;
    while(item = Zotero.nextItem()) {
    for(var i=0, n=item.creators.length; i<n; i++) {
    Zotero.write(item.creators[i].lastName + ", "+ item.creators[i].firstName + ", " );
    Zotero.write(item.year + ". " );
    var library_id = item.libraryID ? item.libraryID : 0;
    Zotero.write(item.uri + "\n");
  • should the zotero://select/items/... link highlight the item in the zotero library?
    yes it should. May not be working correctly when the pane is closed, maybe? Try while it's already open?
  • It's not completely consistent it seems. When starting firefox from scratch, the link only open the pane. The second load of the link highlights the item.

    If I then close the pane, and revisit the link, it seems to work, i.e. highlight the item.

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