How to “Localize” Wikipedia Citation Templates

I am a Zotero noob but I use it all the time. Also I work pretty much on Wikipedia. Now I discovered that Zotero provides the Wikipedia Citation Template which is really really great and saves many much time. But...
I work on the german language Wikipedia and we have somewhat different citation templates. All the parameters and so on have different names (german names instead of the english ones). The english templates work on de-WP but it would be nicer to tell Zotero how it should fill the “right“ (german language) templates.

I like to “see“ the english “Wikipedia Citation Templates“ xml files and want to translate them. But I don't find them. Please help me :)

How can I change the existing “Wikipedia Citation Template“ to a localized ”german language Wikipedia Citation Template“?
  • this is actually not in XML, but hardcoded into the javascript of the export translator for the WP citation template:

    this should be quite easy to translate if you just want to do it for yourself (you will want to change the translator ID, too, as otherwise Zotero will overwrite your changes), the translator is in your Zotero data directory in the folder "translators".

    If we want to do this globally this is trickier, as I'm not sure we'd want to add another export translator for the German template, but translators, as opposed to citation styles, don't have a localization option built in.
  • hey! cool thanks. How do I change the translatorID? can I change it just randomly?
  • and is it possible to keep the “original“ file and the “translated“ and switch between both in Zotero?
  • As long as you keep the id the same length and just letters& numbers you'll be fine - so you can e.g. just change the last zero to a one and that'd be enough. And yes, you can just save the file under a different file name in the same folder (you should also change the label
    so you can distinguish the two in the export menu. ) and they'll both work.
  • ok, it works half.
    I have now two different styles and if i drag an element from my database into a text-field (e.g. emacs) the template name is „Literatur“ instead of “cite book“.
    But how do i change the parameter names “author“ ->“Autor”, “title“->“Titel“, “publisher“ ->“Verlag“ etc. Can't find these strings in the file
  • die werden alle als "properties" definiert. Also muss zu properties.Autor werden und genauso fuer all anderen
  • Aha.
    Bin kein Javascript Experte ;)
    Daher habe ich das gar nicht als Möglichkeit in Betracht gezogen.
  • cool. Langsam kapiere ich wie das geht. Ist jetzt aber schon spät!
    Danke für die Hilfe
  • Thanks for the great help :)
  • (wenn Du was brauchbares hast, schmeiss es doch bitte als eine public gist auf - selbst wenn wir das nicht in Zotero selber aufnehmen, koennen andere Leute das da leicht runterladen und benutzen).
  • hm.. there are several problems:
    1. There are parameter names which use Umlaute
    2. The Literatur-Template is very different to the cite-book templae
    3. I am neither a js not a zotero developer, thus i have problems in implementing the stuff.
    ->I stick to the englisch template
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