"et al" in italic ?

I just wrote my own CLS and it works quite well.
I only have one problem : I can't find a way to put "et al" in italic.
Does anyone know if it's possible ?
  • Same problem here. Any progress?
  • Not possible ATM.
  • is it still not possible? I ran into the same problem today.
  • The CSL spec now allows this & a new CSL processor has been built which supports it, but I don't think the CSL processor currently in Zotero will support it. It is coming very soon, but you may have to find/replace for documents right now.
  • I have a similar problem: I want to have authors in uppercase, but not the "and" in between:




    I assume this is also not possible at the moment?
  • @f00: Yes, this is also not possible at the moment. The current stable version of the CSL language (0.8) doesn't have a styling handle for name parts. When the processor moves to CSL 1.0, we'll be able to set styling on the family name part, the given name part, and the "et al." part individually.

    Here's a question, though: in the current design for 1.0, styling is only possible for the family and given name parts. Is there also a need for styling of the articular ("van der", etc), and of the name suffix ("Jr.", "III", etc)? For example, would you want the example above to read:


    If that is needed, this would be a good time to make the pitch.
  • Good question. Actually there is an example in my style handbook:


    Tricky. I assume that also means that on sorting, the articular would also be disregarded ("van der LEUN" is sorted as "LEUN").

    That means that names would somehow have to be routinely checked for "van der", "van", "von", "de" etc.

    As for name suffixes, it is not specified in my handbook. I don't know how these are handled in other styles.
  • Thanks very much for checking. It looks like we're fine with the current options, then. The processor will take care of discriminating the articular parts ("van der" etc), and the name suffixes, and arranging them according to commonly accepted conventions. Sorting will indeed be done on the family name part, ignoring the articular.
  • Any news on the processor moving to CSL 1.0?

    I'm trying to get italic "et al's" using Zotero version 2.0.
  • csl 1.0 is done or almost done. That still leaves finishing touches and implementation.
    If this all happens before this fall I'll be (pleasantly) shocked, but I definitely wouldn't count on it.

    But the et al. thing I never felt was such a big problem as it can be fixed with one single search and replace (of course it should still be addressed, I'm just saying this isn't really a very problematic shortcoming).
  • Thanks for letting me know, I just wondered if it had been fixed silently.

    Great software btw, keep up the good work :)
  • I would too appreciate to have the possibility to put "et al" in italic
  • see above - csl 1.0 is currently being implemented.
  • @adamsmith

    Hello, It's me again, trying to finish the ABNT default style. I've two problems with "et al."

    With the new csl that I fix, more than three authors is: (AUTHOR ET AL, YYYY)

    Our need is: (AUTHOR et. al, YYYY) - et al. in italic

    I find this in csl.rnc:
    ## Configures formatting of the et al substitution. Only necessary to deviate from
    ## default rendering (for example, to italicize the string).
    et-al =
    element cs:et-al {

    ## term to use for et al substitution; "et-al" is default
    attribute term { "et-al" | "and others" }?,

    But It can't work using this code:
    <term name="et-al" text-case="uppercase" font-style="italic">et al.</term>

    Any suggestion? Am I a dummie or Is it still impossible to do?
  • no, it's Zotero, not you - currently et al is formatted the same way as the authors.
    This is changed in csl 1.0, once that is integrated in Zotero you'll be able to achieve what you want.
    For now I'd put a comment in the code using
    <!-- -->
    that points out this limitation/to do.
  • Hello,
    one question. Is it still impossible to put "et al" in italic?
    Thank you.
  • yes - it is possible in Zotero 2.1, currently in beta
  • Oh great. And can you tell me how i can change that in a given style?
  • Thank you very much for the link.
    But I'm sorry, I still don't get it! Where should I insert that to put "et al" in intalics in my in text-citation as well as in the bibliography???

    <names variable="author">
    <et-al font-style="italics" prefix=" "/>
  • I'm not quite clear as to how much instruction you need.
    This might help:

    First you'll need to convert the entire style to csl 1.0, though (which can be done automatically, how is explained on the citationstyles page.)

    For anything specific, we'd need to know which style you're working on.
    But note that all this refers to the Zotero beta version, which you should _not_ on your regular library without solid back-up - it's beta for a reason.

    Are you in a hurry with this? You might just be better of waiting until this is fully implemented, the style repository is converted etc.
  • The primer has a typo. It should be "italic" not "italics". That took me too long to figure out. The correct format is listed below:

    <names variable="author">
    <et-al font-style="italic" prefix=" "/>
  • That is what it says, on my computer, at the link in adamsmith's Sep. 29 post. The source from which that page is generated was last updated on Mar. 23, 2010, so presumably you are looking at another page. If so, please provide its address.
  • It was in the upgrade notes (http://citationstyles.org/downloads/upgrade-notes.html). I fixed it by hand, for now. Thanks for letting us know.
  • Hello,
    me again. I want to use the style "Cell Journal" and put "et al" in italics.
    is this a csl 1.0 style?
    where do I have to insert the command? et al should be in italics in the citation and the bibliography? is that possible at all?

    please help me! i need this for my thesis.
    thank you very much
  • or can you recommend a similar style, where ist is possible?
  • What version of Zotero are you running?
  • the latest, i guess
  • @Yaelca:
    "You can check your Zotero version by selecting About Zotero from the gear menu in the Zotero toolbar or via Tools → Add-ons → Extensions. "

  • The reason for asking is that the Zotero 2.0 series (2.0.9 being the latest) does not have a means of setting et al. in italics. It's possible in Zotero 2.1 beta (which can run CSL 1.0 styles). As that's a beta version, you would want to back up your data and save a separate copy of any docs you're going to use with the new version before trying it out, if you're not running it already.

    An example of italicized et al. can be found in the CSL 1.0 upgrade notes.
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