Is it possible to get a Zotero plug-in equivalent for Google Docs?

Google docs can be quite helpful at time and I'm wondering if Zotero can do my bibliographies automatically (without the whole copy to clipboard procedure) for me in Google docs documents.
  • check this:
    in the short, likely medium run that's the best you'll get (and quite useable if I may say so), though given developments in the google docs API there may eventually be a full-blown CWYW plugin - but no promises and certainly no ETA.
  • this needs some better implementation.. would love to see a word like plugin for google docs!!

  • I see that Google Docs now provides scripts for text documents, not just spreadsheets, so it might now be possible to write a suitable plugin. Perhaps I'll play around with this in my copious (ha!) spare time.
  • Any news/progress on this?
  • no - and no dev resources for this best I can tell. Obviously third party involvement (by marnenik or anyone else) would be very welcome.
  • Sebastian - thanks. Is there anything we can read on how development resources are allocated within Zotero? And what options there may be there to augment those resources? Also - has anybody contacted Google on this? It seems to me that they should also be interested in a solution to bibliographic management. Or would this clash with whatever license Zotero was made under (and btw - it really IS hard to find much information about the license issue other than in some forum discussions)? But so wouldn't it be possible to 'crowdfund' an additional development effort into this? I bet you quite a few of us might be willing to chip in...
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    license is easy - every component of Zotero is marked with the AGPL license. That's a very liberal license, so it's unlikely to cause any problems unless someone wants to include Zotero code in proprietary software.

    Allocation - not really, no, though here's Dan's post on the plans for upcoming versions: that still stands afaik.

    I doubt google would be interested - they'd probably (and correctly) point to their API and google scholar's "My Library" features. FWIW, Paperpile does offer google docs integration and I believe there is some personal overlap with google. That also shows this would be possible in general. I haven't tried it, but it looks pretty sleek.

    The other issue is whether to focus on Google specifically. I know Dan personally is more interested in enabling a generic solution that would work for various markdown or plaintext editors as well (think anything from Scrivener to plain text tools like Ulysses, to online writing tools like Editorially).

    I can't speak to crowdfunding much, except to say that you're likely underestimating the difficulty of this — one of the things that gets repeated over and over again by CHNM folks is that "good developers are hard to find and expensive" - folks like Dan, Simon, and Faolan don't grown on trees, unfortunately. Without any inside info on this, I'd assume that most of the grant funded work on Zotero has been done with grants >50k. (to give you a sense and because I do know that number, the visual CSL editor was done under a $125k grant and Mendeley had worked with and knew the lead dev on that before)
  • Thanks Sebastian. Very useful. I was unaware of paperpile, but am trying it out. As to crowdsourcing - I really have no idea about how many people are using Zotero right now OR about how much time this would take to code. but a few thousands of users @ 10$ a pop also would pay for at least SOME coding time it seems to me...
  • Are Google Drive Addons for Docs perhaps a new possibility for Zotero integration?
  • I'm pretty sure this would be generally possible in technical terms now and has been for a while. Beyond that, my post from January applies.
  • Since people are all excited about the new google add-ons, let me restate where things are:
    1. The most sophisticated solution is the ODF scan plugin: It provides all functionality and the same reliability users would have with a word processor plugin, albeit not the same ease of use

    2. The second alternative is RTF scan: which works decently well, but isn't 100% reliable, plus it deals poorly with ambiguous citations (i.e. same author&year) and can't accomodate suffix, prefix and the like at all.

    3. The Final alternative is to just use quick copy:
    Obviously the big downside here is that you don't get automatically updating bibliographies.

    I assume people are seeing the EasyBib gdocs add-on and say "why can't Zotero haveon. one?". But the EasyBib add-on does exactly the same as Zotero quick copy, so we don't need a new add-on for that.

    On the other hand, writing a full-blown add-on that works like the word processor add-ons is probably possible technically now, but I don't see that happening anytime soon given the rather ambitious roadmap for the next versions. Obviously, third parties are always invited to work on Zotero add-ons, but doing this well would not be a small feat.
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    Does anyone have a link to Google Docs API documentation? I can't find it anywhere. Did EasyBib get some exclusive access?

    Edit: nvm... just had to revise my keywords
  • Any progress here?
  • Not much for the last couple of months, but here's the dev discussion as far as it went:!topic/zotero-dev/90ix5AiEOzQ
  • Any chance of more progress on this?
  • no. I think you can safely assume relatively visible announcements if anyone makes significant progress on this.
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