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For astrophysics literature, one often finds oneself referred to the NASA ADS, to a page like this: .

Zotero can't translate this page yet, and unfortunately the ADS doesn't offer a "Download to EndNote" button. What it does offer is a button called "BibTeX entry for this abstract". Here's the output:

author = {{Dobke}, B.~M. and {King}, L.~J.},
title = "{A simple analysis of halo density profiles using gravitational lensing time delays}",
journal = {\aap},
eprint = {astro-ph/0609293},
year = 2006,
month = dec,
volume = 460,
pages = {647-652},
doi = {10.1051/0004-6361:20065389},
adsurl = {},
adsnote = {Provided by the Smithsonian/NASA Astrophysics Data System}

What's the prospect for allowing Zotero to quickly create an item from a BibTeX entry? Perhaps by requiring the user to highlight to text in question, then right-click on it, or just click a button in the Zotero toolbar.

The present alternative is to temporarily save the BibTeX to a text file, then use Zotero's "Import" feature.

I should mention that the BibTeX above contains the undefined shortcut \aap. I don't know whether Zotero should try to do something clever like expanding that (to "Astronomy and Astrophysics") or not.
  • Any news on this one? For me, this is an absolute deal-breaker. I often find myself searching for bibtex entries (for instance via scholar google) and I would need an efficient way to store them. Without this option, the added value of zotero is close to zero. If I am having to copy it into a text file first, I would copy it straight into my bibtex file and would have no need for zotero at all. What I would like to do is accumulate bibtex entries on the fly and export the whole library every now and then whenever I pdflatex the final version of a document.

    Best, Daniel
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    Strongly Agreed !

    Very usefull functionality for me too !
    I always use it in JabRef and would like to see creation of a new item from BibTex data herer as well.

    GUI: simply add text filed in teh third (right) panel after "Realted" for example.
    Another option - from Buffer.

    Now I have to deal with notepad or jabRef just to import a single item - ridicoulous!

    Thank you !
  • I also wait for this feature. Please consider that such an easy addition would allow the gradual switch of a bunch of bibtex users (with programming skills, the kind one wants contributing into an open-source project) into zotero.
  • In Zotero 2.0: Select BibTeX text, copy to clipboard, and use "Import from Clipboard" in Zotero's gear menu (or open/focus the Zotero pane and use the keyboard shortcut specified in the Shortcut Keys pane of the Zotero prefs).

    This will currently create a new import collection each time, which it possibly shouldn't.

    We'll likely add auto-detection and an import option to the browser content context menu at some point.
  • Thanks for the info Dan, import from clipboard should be good enough.
    Unfortunately I am in the middle of thesis writing and for utmost stability I decided to keep using zotero 1.0.10 for now (which doesn't have that feature).
  • I'm resurrecting this thread, because this functionality is very important to me as well. Could you implement an entry to the Zotero context menu "Create item from BibTeX selection", please?

    It feels quite akward to go the "import from clipboard" way compared to all the other seemingless item creation options.

    Thanks a lot for all the hard work you're putting into this project.
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    I've created an issue for this (marked Help Welcome if someone wants to work on it).

    Note that, with keyboard shortcuts, Import from Clipboard (cmd-shift-v/ctrl-alt-v) does make this pretty easy. The main obstacle, as noted above, is that Import from Clipboard currently creates a new collection each time.
  • there seems to be no problem in the latest version. i have just imported a bibtex ref. via clipboard and everything is OK
  • Tested with version 4.0.20.

    Imported correctly as a new entry, not creating any different collection.
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