[Solved] Install Zotero OpenOffice Integration plugin in OpenOffice Writer Portable

If you are working from a PortableApps USB, Zotero will install in Portable Firefox with no issues, but the plugin will not install in Portable OpenOffice Writer without some help. This is because of an old Java Runtime Environment being included with portable OpenOffice. Assuming you have a PortableApps USB setup and know how to install things, this is how you fix it:

OpenOffice requires JRE 6. You can get JPortable on PortableApps, but by default it is the latest which is JRE 7. Get JRE 6 JPortable here:
http://sourceforge.net/projects/portableapps/files/Java Portable/Additional Versions/jPortable_6_Update_31.1_online.paf.exe/download

Install the PAF via the PortableApps App menu.

Now you need to get OpenOffice to use it. Start the *main* OpenOffice.Portable app (not Writer) from the PortableApps menu.

Go to Tools -> Options -> OpenOffice.org -> Java

Check "Use a Java runtime environment".

Click on Add.

The path is <your USB drive>\PortableApps\CommonFiles\Java (note the directory level here, as there are lots of subdirectories).

Click OK. You should see it appear in the list of JREs. You might have more than one depending on your computer setup, make sure the right one is selected.

Download the OpenOffice Integration Firefox extension from the usual place here:

If it does not install the plugin in Writer automatically, select "Manual Installation". This will allow you to download the Writer extension. Then open Writer and go to Tools -> Extension Manager -> Add and select the Zotero_OpenOffice_Integration.oxt file that the previous step downloaded.

If it appears in the list of extensions, you are done! You should see a Zotero Toolbar in Writer now.
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