Zotero and Mendeley


First of all congratulations for the program: it's really great, and it changes my way of work.

But I use also another program, Mendeley, to classify and I think it's also great. Well I read there are so problems integrating Mendeley to Zotero (and this makes me going crazy). I can export de Library for Mendeley and import to Zotero manually, but I hope this is a provisional solution...

So, my question is: what we need to make this integration, and make they work together? I no have any idea of programming... but how many work (and witch tasks) does it suppose?

Sorry for my English and sorry if there's someone working in it (I just checked the forums). I just discovered Zotero and I want to make my little contribution. And I don't know, if there's lot of people with this problem, maybe we can think about finance the development of this application (it's just an idea). So what's your opinion about this?

  • Maintaining synchronization between two software that do no have identical data structures is a nightmare. It is probably easier to implement all the features that you like in Mendeley to Zotero or the other way than to get the software to synchronize seamlessly and to keep the synchronization working when the software evolve. Also, from the user perspective it is probably better to use one software that is really good than two different pieces with overlapping functionality.

    If you want to help, one way would be to explain what Zotero is currently missing that make you prefer using two bibliography managers. (Of course, it would be valuable to do the same thing at the Mendeley forums.)

    I am a developer, but not one of the zotero core developers.
  • Thanks for your answer mronkko,

    What I miss in Zotero is the possibility to index my PDFs, write notes and highlighting (and save everything). On the other hand, in Mendeley I miss more options to reference: there are some, but nothing in comparison of Zotero...

    We'll, I think I can attach de PDF to my Zotero reference, which can be a solution..
  • you can just use any other PDF annotation software (FoxIt or pdfXchange on Windows, Preview on Mac) to annotate PDFs. Zotero already indexes pdfs. You can use Zotfile to extract annotations and highlights from PDFs.
  • (Zotfile is a plugin for Zotero: http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/5301/
    See also: http://www.zotero.org/support/plugins )
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