Request: choose attachment sync per collection (and/or allow multiple personal libraries)

I appreciate that Zotero has the option of either local storage of attachments or syncing that includes attachments. I would like to use the synced attachments for a lot of my content but separately manage an enormous local library of PDFs that I don't want to sync. It would be really helpful if I could specify whether attachments sync or not PER COLLECTION.
  • It is generally not good idea to say that something is easy to implement unless you know for sure that that is the case. If it is easy, you should provide some code or designs on how to implement it.

    You can set up a group library to achieve what you want to have. Then you have to libraries and you can choose to not sync the group or not sync your library.
  • Thanks, though I said it "seems" it would be easy, not actually said just that it would be, I deleted that part of my comment. I appreciate your advice and I'll refrain from saying things like that in the future.

  • The thing that you asked for would be actually really complicated to implement because the sync architecture is currently "all or nothing".

    But having two libraries will probably solve your problem.
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    Ok, well I guess my updated request might be:
    I'd like to have the ability to have multiple personal libraries. And I'd like these to each have sync at all and also sync attachments on or off independently.

    I actually like in this case the capacity to have each library have its own set of tags and otherwise be basically segregated.

    For now, the group libraries idea is a workaround… although I guess the other step would be to be able to choose sync options per group library instead of just for all group libraries.

  • Is this still not possible to implement?
  • No, nothing has changed about this. Could you say more about what you're looking for and why?
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