Expose version number of Word plugin in various sensible places

I recently had to find out which version of the Word plugin I was using and I discovered (1) that this is surprisingly hard to find within Zotero and (2) that my Word plugin had not been auto-updating.

While I understand that the Word processor plugin technically is a separate Firefox addon, and I did find the version number there eventually, I propose that it would be sensible to show version number in at least the first and possible both of the following places:

1. Zotero > Preferences > Cite > Word Processors tab
Currently shows "currently {not} installed". Would it be difficult to show version number here and alert me if I don't have the most recent version? (Or does it do that and didn't I see it the first time round?)

2. Word > Zotero cite > Zotero Doc Prefs (?)
I would have found it useful to be able to lookup the version number somewhere in the Word plugin itself, too (and there, too, to have it show an alert if I use an older version perhaps).
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