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I used to import correctly formatted bibliography presented at the bottom of Wikipedia articles of good quality. The icon for "folder" appeared in the web browser's shipping line. Today, in recent weeks, only the specific references to THE Wikipedia ARTICLE are available for import. My browser and Zotero are updated. Do you know if that's the changelog of Zotero or that of Mediawiki which causes inconvenience? Discussion (in french) is on too at:
but no helpful answer from there today.
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    That's because Zotero now has a new translator for importing wikipedia articles. Before it used to use COinS. If you still want to import references that are cited inside the article, right-click the icon in the URL bar and select COinS.
  • Thanks for your fast answer, Aurimas, but a right-click on the icon shows only 3 options: 1/Options 2/Desactivate 3/Uninstall of Google Chrome.
    With Firefox and Zotero as an add-on, it's OK, I see what you mean! "Import to Zotero using "COinS" ".
    So it only runs with Firefox and Zotero as an add-on, not with Chrome and Zotero Standalone...
  • Actually when I right-click on the icon selecting "Save to Zotero using COinS" on an article providing at least two well documented ref., the brown-lined grey box at bottom right is empty, and nothing is registred in Zotero... too bad...
  • Could you provide a link to that article?
  • OK, I tried with wp:fr "Score de Liège" [Glasgow-Liege Scale] at
    article I previously edited the bibliography according to the template of Wikipedia in French (for template, see here: ). It didn't work at all (grey box empty, see previous message)
    It runs (only for books) with wp:fr "Disease mongering" at
    article I previously edited the bibliography according to the templates of Wikipedia in English (for templates, see here: and ) providing bibliography to grab, for books, not for papers I'm interested in...
    I'd like to import/export mostly references for papers.
  • I performed these tests with Firefox and Zotero as an add-on, now abandoning the idea of ​​using Chrome and Zotero Standalone after the failures of previous days.
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    This is an issue with the wikipedia template.

    The COinS on that page lacks almost all metadata:
    <span class="Z3988" title="ctx_ver=Z39.88-2004
    <span style="display: none;">&nbsp;</span>

    Compare to COinS from
    <span class="Z3988" title="ctx_ver=Z39.88-2004
    <span style="display: none;">&nbsp;</span></span>

    Though the latter also has a bunch of "empty" COinS.

    This needs to be fixed on Wikipedia.
  • OK, don't understand anything, forward to the french team of
    Can I ask more: what about using Chrome + Zotero Standalone on Wikipedia articles (all is OK in other sites, like Amazon, Google Books, PubMed... and so on)?
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    forward to the french team of
    Are you saying you will forward or that we should? You should do it if the latter

    Simon or Dan can tell you more about Chrome.
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    I have forwarded here: [in french].
    Thank you for having tracked this issue and answered so fast, even if my english is so poor!
  • Who are Simon, Dan?
    I didn't find "Dan" at:
    nor "Simon" at: ;-)
  • Dan Stillman and Simon Kornblith are the lead developers of Zotero ( Both read the forums here and contribute where appropriate.
  • The fact that Zotero previously saved references off of Wikipedia rather than the page itself was a bit of an anomaly, since it's not what Zotero does on other pages.

    Chrome doesn't allow us to specify right-click menu for the URL bar icon, but we plan to allow users to select alternative translators using a separate button in Chrome in a future release.
  • Last news from french Wikipedia: it seems our template {{Article}} (for english template {{Cite journal}}) has suffered an attack of which he has not returned since 2010 July 1st... as noted here [in french]
    by user "Drongou" at 2012-05-28 01:11PM (European Continental Time).
    Thank you all for having tracked this issue and answered so fast, even if my english is so poor! (bis repetita)
  • But the ability to bring up a dialog with all the wikipedia refs was quite the wonderful anomaly....
    So the question is, now that the wikipedia articles ppear with a new icon and right clicking does not provide a list of the refs in the wikipedia article, is there any way to get that functionality back?

    Does this need a new thread?
  • For Wikipedia with embedded COinS it will bring up such a list on right click if you're using Firefox. I don't know if that functionality is planned for the connectors (i.e. Safari and Chrome).

    Many WP articles don't have COinS embedded for reasons I don't know but that's a question for WP, not for Zotero.
  • that is what I thought, but I have been unable to find an article with embedded coins to test this out, and I have noticed that the icons now appearing in Firefox menu bar is different (it has the red bookmark through the icon.) Does anyone have a wikipedia page with embedded coins that can cite to test on?
  • Thanks - yes that works now with a right click and select CoINS
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